VIDEO: Pope Francis will receive Charlemagne Prize for being Europe’s voice of conscience

Pope Francis Holds Weekly AudienceThere were no comments posted with this video. –Source

This is the ultimate out and out farce, but thanks to the controlled media, most have no clue as to what’s actually happening here. This man represents all that is wrong and all that is evil in this world. Worse yet, he represents just how evil mankind can become. What I mean by that is, he is a bloodthirsty Roman Catholic Jesuit priest standing in the most powerful political office on the planet. His office represents the most gruesome and torturous murders of hundreds of millions of Christians during the Vatican inquisitions during the prophesied 1260 years from 538AD to 1798AD just as the prophet Daniel and then the apostle and prophet John declared. And to this day the Vatican is still killing Christians to the tune of 1 martyred every 2 minutes on this planet under the long expected disguise of Islam and still, billions of people (as expected) think this man of sin is holy and the reason for peace on earth? Worse yet, he is now declared as the “conscience of Europe” no less!  Source

Russia threatens to make Romania ‘smoking ruins’

nuclear_bombRussian officials in a report on Thursday speculated that a nuclear war could leave Romania a “smoking ruins” just as Britain said it intercepted several Russian transports that refused to identify themselves as they approached the Baltic States.

The amped up talk of death and destruction could, analysts warn, return the world to the hair-trigger tensions that shadowed America and the Soviet Union both in the years before President Ronald Reagan demands of Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.”  Source