Watch: ‘Have you heard DIS information?’ – Elon Musk

Elon Musk has posted a video in which he says that COVID injections are “100%” effective. Then there was the dramatic drop in confidence as the facts became apparent. Watch the 1:33 minute video below:

Find out here that the so-called pandemic was a test that allowed the “man of sin” to see that all nations did follow his lead.

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‘Criminals Will Run Wild’: Illinois Becomes First State to Abolish Cash Bail as Fears Mount

On September 18, 2023, the Breitbart News reported that “Illinois eliminated cash bail on Monday, making it the first state in the nation to do so in a decision that brought heavy criticism… In July, the Illinois Supreme Court issued the decisio allowing the end of cash bail to take effect monday… The outlet noted the move came despite a crime wave plaguing citizens in the area, along with concern that those accused of criminal activity will commit more crimes while they await trial. The law in question passed in 2022, and Gov. J.B. Prtizker (D) signed it. According to the article, it ‘will free from jail thousands of suspects accused of second-degree murder, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, and other violent crimes.”

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Vatican’s Relationship with China is ‘Very, Very Respectful’ according to Pope Francis

On September 5, 2023, the Breitbart News reported that “The Pope Francis said Monday that the Vatican is walking a “friendly path” with china, insisting that “relations are moving forward” on both sides…. The pope further stated that “The channels are very open – for the appointment of bishops there is a commission that has been working with the Chinese government and the Vatican for a long time,” the pope stated in reference to a 2018 accord between the Vatican and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the naming of bishops. Francis went on to underscore the fact that “there are many, or rather there are some, Catholic priests or Catholic intellectuals who are often invited to Chinese universities to offer courses” as evidence of Chinese goodwill toward the Church. “I think we need to move forward in the religious aspect to understand each other better and so that Chinese citizens do not think that the Church does not accept their culture and values and that the Church is dependent on another, foreign power,” he added.”

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