“Making America Catholic” Prophecy News Updates – 1/22/21

The USA has just installed a second Catholic president and right from his very first day in the office, he already signed executive orders that support Vatican’s agenda like climate change and homosexual agenda. Oddly, he even don’t know what EO he was signing but signs it anyways. Yes, prophecy is rapidly fulfilling in front our eyes – the second beast of Revelation is exercising the power of the first beast (Vatican). Religious laws is soon coming that will involved the whole world!

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Biden, Boehner stress common good at Notre Dame

7c3e0dd7d15541e787122d7288dfbd2fAs they had when Pope Francis addressed Congress last fall, Vice President Joe Biden and former House Speaker John Boehner stood together again on May 15, this time at Notre Dame’s Commencement to receive the Laetare Medal, the university’s highest honor.

The decision to honor the two political leaders had drawn criticism, especially because of the Vice President’s support for abortion rights and same-sex marriage, but the citation read before they received the honor noted they were being recognized for their public service and work for the common good.  Source