Shocking Articles of the Week (ending 03-27-24)

Credit: Blog from Presents of God ministry

As many know, I have a page on the site all about the Vatican’s Socialist agenda that confirms their long-prophesied desired to use the USA to spearhead their mark of the beast enforcement. On that page I have many articles and videos confirming the so called “Great Reset” plans for all nations. This starting here in the USA. And since Rome was able to get Roman Catholic Joe Biden into office in a very strange way wherein he can be used as the ultimate puppet under control by the Vatican cultivated and controlled shadow government here in our country, Biden’s apparent bowing to China due his massive corruption causing him to be compromised in ways that many in politics never saw coming; we can see this in how China has been allowed to commit many dangerous acts against our country without being stopped. Everything from the spy balloon to buying up hundreds of thousands of acres near our military bases confirms Biden cannot stop them without being outed worse than he already is.

That all being said, our economy is being targeted in a way that proves not only is the digital dollar on the near horizon that will allow the enforcement of the buy and sell portion of the mark as easy as flicking a switch that shuts down all credit cards and bank accounts of every person refusing to keep Sunday holy as Rome will soon demand claiming doing so with stop the so-called climate change disasters.

As I watch how our government is purposely spending money in the strangest ways that mimic a drunken sailor in a brothel, it becomes obvious to me that the final stages are upon us directly before the American government goes full-blown Socialist wherein the economy collapses to be replaced by a digital dollar so as to not only offer the powers that be the ability to close the accounts of obedient Christians, every dime spent can be tracked so as to also build a fabricated crime against us using all sorts of unjust laws making something as simple words coming from our lips illegal.

For those that may not see what I see on this; check out this article wherein Joe Biden plans to, and I quote, “pay for the entire cost of reconstructing that bridge.” Why do that when the insurance company of the barge that caused that bridge to fall is the one on the hook here? But again, we have to realize the cash in the US government has to be depleted to allow for economic collapse or their plans won’t work. That’s why we have over 8.6 million illegal immigrants on US soil (as of August 2023 – and not counting got-aways) who have all been given thousands of dollars’ worth of debit cards, health care, food and other daily needs items, hotel rooms and who knows what else. The illegals are actually getting more money each month than our very own veterans.

Compile that with the Roman Catholic U.N. chief demanding the US pay slavery reparations by giving millions of dollars to millions of people that were never slaves, not to mention forcing “white” churches to pay on this slavery reparations idea as well; even though no one alive today has ever owned a slave.

What amazes me is that, those hoping this money comes into their personal bank accounts don’t realize is that once all this money is distributed, the American dollar will become worthless as toilet paper. That much newly printed money into an already stressed-out economy will definitely collapse every bank in America.

Plus, the “convenient” and quite obvious draining of the deficit by sending hundreds of billions of dollars individually to Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, and none of this compares with the trillions of US dollars being wasted and “supposedly” lost and or misplaced by the US government each year. I don’t want to waste time listing all they’re doing as I have better things to do. Besides, most Americans already know how corrupt our government is. But for those that may not know this, check this article out.

As for the bridge that collapsed the other day, just thinking out loud, I have to wonder; could this be a cyber-attack from China, Iran or any other anti-American nation? What I mean is, did you notice the way the lights went out on the barge before it hit the bridge? After the lights went back on the ship then appears to steer directly to the bridge, but again they go out. Once back on, if you look at the rear end of the barge for the last second or two it appears the captain tried to steer away from the pylon, but it was too late. That barge may have been taken over by a hacker via the Internet.

I would think that China, who anyone with an online server knows, they have been trying to hack into every server in the USA for decades now. China knows, like any anti-American nation would know, that that bridge was a strategic and critical infrastructural site to a major shipping port. Taking it out would cause even more stress on our already crippled economy. Don’t believe me.. just wait and see.

China fears the American military as does any nation. But they also know attacking us from within can often help them escape detection as well as cause our nation to eventually fall by numerous smaller attacks on critical areas en masse. The saying “death by a thousand cuts” rings loudly here.

And so, adding that bridge disaster to the mix will bring a much heavier load on the US economy in the way of increased inflation upon an already stressed-out economy. The extra costs of rerouting all goods around that bridge as well as those that usually ship through that port; one can see this will cause prices to rise even more and so this appears to have been planned well in advance. In fact, check this video out.    

One last thing… The talons of Rome are obviously all over this as their Socialist agenda is the main beneficiary in all this and so it’s no surprise it was stated in the Baltimore Sun that “Apostleship of the Sea is a Catholic ministry that helps crew members of international ships run errands, go shopping, and perform other tasks.”

That Catholic ministry took the “Captain and Crew of DALI Cargo Ship to Walmart Before the Ship Crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge.” I wonder who (if anyone) was minding the ship while they were all on that shopping spree at Walmart?

Coincidence? No, in these last days, I think not.

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