Shocking Articles for the Week (ending 05-01-24)

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VIDEO: Russell Brand announces baptism after months-long spiritual journey: ‘Taking the plunge’

The above video is on “The Christian Post” which as any serious and obedient Christian knows is not actually known for true Bible Christianity and so right off, we can expect something strange is afoot here. Stranger still; it wasn’t just “the Christian Post” that shared this as a Christian event. 

As odd as all this may seem, that of course being someone from Hollywood having a “voice” on a Christian website, stranger still is that when you listen to this Hollywood actor / comedian Russel Brand describe his version of Christianity, you hear him literally describing it as a mix of Buddhism and something Stoic philosopher of Rome named Marcus Aurelis would approve of. He even spoke highly of Catholicism to boot, and is ok with this?

In these last days wherein Rome’s ecumenical movement that’s designed to merge Paganism with Christianity is clearly in its final stages of cultivating the long prophesied love affair with another Jesus, this is to be expected as a blessed event by the blind while at the same time a prophesied fulfillment by those with eyes that see.

Satan is using Hollywood, politicians and the many apostate pastors Jesus described as “many false prophets” in Matthew 24:11 as a way to popularize “another Jesus” that all the scared sinners in the world will seek for comfort that see the signs of the end around them, or as Brand said; “many are returning to Christianity because the world is crumbling.” Problem is, and as also prophesied, they are in no way “returning to Christianity” at all.

The people that clamor after such things are those that refuse to give up their sin, while at the same time desiring to be called Christians to hide their shame. Therefore, this “new and improved Jesus” first introduced by the Popes of Rome centuries ago will be an easy “god” to trust and worship for the lukewarm Christians because as we already know, the Catholic Jesus allows everyone to be saved IN their sins instead of FROM their sins, and in these last days wherein the pleasures of the flesh are prophesied to be the main desire of most alive at this time, that is VERY popular!

As I share on a fairly new site I made last year called “He won’t get us;” we see Satan using all sorts of Isaiah 4:1 type believers to entice many into the “new and improved” versions of Christianity so as to make as much money as possible. Literally; the false revivals like “He Gets Us” and the other popular movement sparked into the mainstream at Asbury University in Kentucky, not to mention the Roman Catholic version of Jesus in “The Chosen” movies that advertise in ways God would not approve of and they even made a movie promoting a homosexual drug addict that died of AIDS (Lonnie Frisbee) who claimed to be a Christian prophet / healer in the 1960’s so as to boldly illustrate how sin is no longer a problem for the true God of the Bible.

In short.. if you can’t tell we’re in the final days before Christ returns it’s only because you’re not studying His Word daily.

AND.. did you see this?

The Vatican actually created an A.I priest who literally said “I am as real as the faith we share.”

After lifting my jaw off my desk, it came to mind that this has to be the most truthful thing I ever heard from the Vatican to date! Seriously, Catholicism is just as unbiblical and just as unreal as is an A.I. priest!

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