VIDEO: Guyana President Shuts BBC Interviewer Down On Climate Change

On March 29, 2024, NDTV reported that, “President Irfaan Ali was speaking in an interview to BBC journalist Stephen Sackur, who had questioned the President on Guyana’s carbon emission rates as it planned to extract oil and gas along its coast… In a viral interview clip, Guyanese President can be seen interrupting the question of the journalist, and cross questioning him on whether he had the “right to lecture him on climate change” and if he was in the “pockets of those who destroy the environment through the industrial revolution and are now lecturing usthis is a hypocrisy that exists in the world. The world, in the last 50 years has lost 65 percent of all its biodiversity. We have kept our biodiversity. Are you valuing it. Are you ready to pay for it? When is developed world is going to pay for it or are you in their pockets?” the Guyanese President said.”

According to the real scientists, the rising of CO2 actually proves to be beneficial to greening the earth and that the CO2 levels today are the same as they were in 1910 before all the trains, cars, planes and factories that we see today emitting smoke entered society. Some hadn’t even been invented yet. Unsurprisingly, the pope slams these climate change deniers as “stupid.

However as obedient Bible prophecy students, we all knew that the pope has started this climate change hoax to divert the attention of men to prepare for the soon coming of Christ so as to enforce his prophesied “mark” for this is the real agenda behind Climate Change.

Having said that, are you ready? Are you sure?

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