Video: 25 Ways the USA is being destroyed

Under two minutes video listing how the US is being destroyed.

Source: Twitter @RealJamesWoods

  1. Open borders and illegal immigration
  2. Rampant crime and unsafe cities
  3. Mass addiction and fentanyl
  4. Election insecurity and interference
  5. The educational indoctrination of children
  6. The asymmetrical weaponization of justice
  7. The destruction of private property rights
  8. Inflation and debt
  9. The global depopulation agenda
  10. Record-low fertility and plummeting birth rates
  11. Unaccountable federal bureaucracies
  12. Toxic food supply
  13. Vaccine and pandemic disinformation
  14. The trans contagion and sterilization of children
  15. Overprescription of pharmaceuticals
  16. Destruction of the nuclear family and parental rights
  17. DEI and the new racism
  18. Moral and societal decay
  19. The financing of endless foreign wars
  20. The sprawling surveillance state
  21. The centralization and consolidation of government power
  22. The destruction of trust in institutions
  23. The Censorship Industrial Complex
  24. State-media propaganda
  25. The smearing of those who challenge it

Notice how the check list aligns with the Vatican’s Socialist agenda showing that Christian prophecy is 100% accurate. The mark of the beast is soon to be enforced; first in the United States, then, all nations will follow!

Are you ready? are you sure?!

Ps: Also watch “Agenda: Grinding America Down” when you have a chance.

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