Obama moves for universal health care – in Bangladesh!

cash-100-dollar-bills-money-600“The Obama administration’s desire for a universal health-care system soon may be fulfilled – in Bangladesh. It is there that U.S. taxpayers potentially face an initial $90 million “investment” solely to design such a system. …The administration through USAID expressed a commitment to help the government of Bangladesh, or GOB, achieve its objective of providing UHC by 2032. The agency acknowledged, however, that several obstacles stand in the way attaining that goal – including a GOB trend of spending proportionally less money each year on health care for Bangladeshis.” –Source

Some of you may recall a 3 minute video I made back in December of 2013 titled “Obamacare = International tool to enforce mark of the beast.” I outlined some facts regarding the involvement of the World Bank president and why an international banker would be interested in Obamacare. I also mention the video I made 5 days earlier titled “Guillotines in Obamacare” in that video as well and yes, that one got many more hits than the one about the mark of the beast because as Rome knows, most people could care less about their eternal lives. They only care about the flesh and what it has to offer on a day to day basis. That’s why the video about the guillotines has 11,366 bits to date wherein the other video made just 5 days later only has 1497 hits. Basic reality of this end tome society is that most people today don’t want to hear about the prophesied truths of the Bible. And yes, that too was prophesied. Notice what it says in Isaiah…   Continue reading