He is Creator

milky-way2_1024x576I came across a video today that I just had to share. (click here to see it) Now yes, I’ve shared videos like this that glorify our Lord and His amazing love for us as well as His creative power before; and I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this one on the main website some time ago at least once. But for some reason this one struck a chord with me today that moved me to share it once again with my brothers and sisters in the Lord along with a simple comment regarding its content.

The video is titled, “There are 400,000 galaxies in this animation, these are their actual, real positions.” And as I recall this video only shows a very small section of the Universe wherein at first was thought to be nothing but a dark region of space with no stars at all. As we know now thanks to modern technology, there are billions of galaxies out there in the expanse we can see with the tools we have now; and no doubt trillions more in the areas we can’t reach with the telescopes we have today.  Continue reading