‘Blasphemy’ in Jesus Super Bowl Ad

On February 11, 2024, the news reported that “During one of the early commercial breaks during the 2024 Super Bowl, Come Near aired its ad featuring scenes of people of all sorts washing someone’s feet in emulation of Jesus. But many felt the ad completely missed the Biblical point. The ad was to highlight HeGetsUs.Com… However, many on social media felt the ad was “blasphemous” and did not actually represent the lesson Jesus was attempting to impart to his followers at all.”

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Christian students excluded from contest not backing down

011212cash“Students from a small Christian high school in Oregon traveled to Washington, D.C., this week to meet with members of Congress and ask them to work to protect their religious rights after they were excluded from a national stock-market competition – a competition their school team had won the last two years. …The challenge is a competition in which students start with a hypothetical equity in the stock market, pick stocks to buy and sell, and tally their results according to the real results on Wall Street. Canyonville’s team won the national competition both in 2014 and 2015. …Shaffer, the team’s coach, told WND he would like SIFMA to explain why “they would want to exclude the dominant team over the past years.” “You’re trying to educate kids, promote stock market ideas, among high schools. Why would you throw out the school that has actually excelled at it?” –Source

As much as I disapprove of gambling in any form and this includes gambling in the stock market. The one asking the questions actually answered their own question. The reason the Government agency chose to exclude the one school that won the competition two years running is because they excelled at it.

If living in these last days has taught the willingly blind anything it’s that Christians have been openly targeted by the media, society and government simply because they’re Christians. Prophecy said it would be this way and so it is. As the willingly blind can also see is that the preferred choice of religion for the masses is either evolution or out and out Satanism. Both of which can grant them the thought process that says there is no God in Heaven. But when it comes to the government, the one and only choice of religion is whatever the Vatican dictates. And at present, their main foster child is in fact Islam.  Source