Churches Offering ‘Safe Places’ to Migrants Crossing Canadian Border

Border-Patrol-winter-640x480“Migrants are looking to be harbored by churches, hospitals, and schools to avoid potential deportation under Trump’s proposed immigration plans, according to CBC News. Doran Schrantz, the director of a faith organization geared to help illegal immigrants, launched a statewide effort in Minnesota to create “safe places” for migrants who face deportation after crossing into the country from the northern border. …Since starting the effort, Schrantz said there are now over 200 “faith leaders” who have promised to accept illegal immigrants into their churches to evade federal immigration law.” –Source

First of all a “migrant” is someone who came into a country legally either by using a visa who then stays for a while and either extends the visa to stay a little longer, or actually does the paperwork to gain citizenship of the country they are visiting in legally. So right off the headline and the one writing the article is being very deceptive. And as much as I wouldn’t vote for Trump or any other politician for that matter, the left keeps claiming he and others like him that say illegals are just that “illegal” anyone with a computer can dig up hundreds of videos wherein Trump and others have stated it’s not the legal migrants that’s the issue, it’s the illegal ones that’s causing the problem. But Rome and their political pawns on the left purposely lie about all that as this article and thousands like it confirms. And they lie because they must have the illegals flood into the nation to assure a massive voting bloc the next time they has some hell inspired agenda to get through the halls of Congress or excessively wicked leader to gain office.   Continue reading

Judge says Kansas can’t require citizenship proof to vote

julie_a-robinson_district_judge“A judge said Tuesday that Kansas can’t require people to show proof of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote for federal elections at motor vehicle offices. U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson ruled that the state’s proof-of-citizenship requirements likely violate a provision in the National Voter Registration Act that requires only “minimal information” to determine a voter’s eligibility. She ordered Kansas to register thousands of voters whose paperwork is on hold because they did not comply with the requirement.” –Source

And why do you suppose she did that? And why within months of a presidential election? Besides the fact most in politicians, and especially those on the left, need the illegals to vote to help shore up their agenda, it has to do with her appointment as federal judge by the U.S. Senate. Being the first black female federal judge in Kansas is also very telling in that one can expect a lot of back room deals will be part of the career of any such judge that is a “first” in their field. Take Obama being the “first” in his field and how obvious it was he was used as a puppet more than any president before him. They knew he would jump at the chance to be “the first,” and they knew he would do anything to stay and exalt self there.  Continue reading…