Britain reviews implementation of Islamic law?!

s300_scales-of-justice-pic“The review will be chaired by Professor Mona Siddiqui, an internationally renowned expert in Islamic and inter-religious studies who was appointed OBE for her services to inter-faith relations. Professor Siddiqui will lead a panel of experts that includes experienced family law barrister Sam Momtaz, retired high court judge Sir Mark Hedley and specialist family law lawyer Anne Marie Hutchinson OBE QC. The panel will be advised by 2 religious and theological experts – Imam Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi and Imam Qari Asim. They will ensure the panel has a full and thorough understanding of the religious and theological issues relating to specific aspects of Sharia Law, and the way it is applied.” –Source

Now I don’t want to go into any deep discussion on this as it is painfully obvious the naysayers have once again been exposed as blinded by the lies of Rome and anyone else working with Islam, like Obama. But as we can see clearly, in those many cases on and offline when those that choose to use lies to defend Islam as well as the Pope and his man in the Oval Office, they accused me and all other students of prophecy as being out of touch with reality when we alI said years ago that Sharia Law is going to be introduced into Western society via the Roman politicians so that the Vatican prelates who actually wrote the Koran centuries ago, and yes we have proof and some of that proof comes from ex-Muslims that converted to Catholicism no less, all this is being done so that the Shariah law within the Koran can be implemented into society so as to have the “legal” means to enforce the mark and “try” to curtail any obedient Christians that have the Holy Spirit utterance of these days most call the loud cry which of course is he expose’ of the Pope who is in fact the man of sin in Rome who runs the earth bound office of Beelzebub most students of prophecy know as the house of AntichristContinue reading…

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