LGBT activists blame Christians for Orlando attack

nightclub_shooting_florida-jpeg-92b94_c0-131-3300-2055_s885x516“Several prominent gay-rights activists took to social media to blame Christians for Sunday’s massacre at a gay nightclub inOrlando. Chase Strangio, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, on Sunday said the “Christian Right” is implicated in the slaughter by passing “anti-LGBT bills.” –Source

This is how demented and hateful the homosexual mind truly is. Even though Christians had absolutely nothing to do with aMuslim man killing 50 homosexuals and wounding 53 more in a homosexual nightclub, the hatred for Jesus is so deep seated by Satan himself inside the homosexuals he guides, he has been able to twist reality to such an extent that they truly do believe Christians are the reason for the shooting. After all, if he can get them to lust after the same sex, how hard would it be to get them to hate the only people on earth that love them enough to warn them of danger who are also praying for them. Satan hates us that much!  Continue reading…

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