Sighthound Brings Face Detection, Recognition, Tracking to SmartphonesUS-based computer vision specialist Sighthound has launched a new facial recognition system for mobile applications. The company is presenting its eponymous app at the CVPR conference in Las Vegas this week.
The software enables not only facial recognition, but also face detection and tracking, and all via live video feeds. At the CVPR conference, Sighthound is demonstrating the technology on an iPhone 6 and an iPad Pro, but the company says its software isn’t restricted to iOS. It’s marketing it to OEMs interested in bringing such technology to mobile applications, with CEO Stephen Neish asserting in a press release that the company’s aim “is to make computer vision easy to use – that now includes customers who want to deploy solutions on mobile devices.”  

While police have been ramping up their use of mobile facial recognition devices in recent years, the technology is relatively new to consumer applications. But it has lately been proliferating on smartphones, with major companies like Samsung seeking to bring it to their devices. Given Sighthound’s additional capabilities with respect to face detection and tracking, it could prove an appealing option to OEMs seeking to move in this direction.  SOURCE

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