A nurse from northern Morocco recently refused to administer a large amount of vaccines to children at the Rural Health Center in Al Hoceima. The nurse stopped administering the injections because she was concerned that the lots had expired and would cause further medical complications for the children. In fact, the vaccines in question had been stored in an unsuitable environment. The vaccines were not handled properly, and over heated to 18 degrees Celsius, which is 10 degrees above the legal limit. This temperature change most likely rendered the vaccines even more dangerous than what they already were. This nurse did the right thing and kept the injections out of the children.
But, instead of being praised for preventing medical complications, this nurse was suspended from her job. The nurse, Azzahra Al Fiafi, is also being required to report to a disciplinary committee where she may face punishment.

On June 16th and on June 20th, Azzahra Al Fiafi wrote two letters, notifying public officials about the potentially contaminated vaccines. The letters were ignored, and her supervisors verbally ordered her to use the vaccines. Azzahra Al Fiafi stood strong in her conscience and refused to inject children with the expired vaccines, fearing further medical problems. In an attempt to silence her, officials have accused her of disclosing confidential professional information and are threatening to have her punished.

Vaccine intimidation and force shows what vaccines are really all about

Vaccine intimidation and force is a growing problem throughout the world, as authorities feel compelled to push filthy injections on unsuspecting and trusting populations. All drugs, especially mass produced vaccines, should be met with skepticism, mistrust and scientific scrutiny. When these injections are ordered with force and without transparency, there should rightfully be resistance. In the case of Azzahra Al Fiafi, the intimidation against her was blatant, and should serve as a reminder to everyone what vaccines are really all about: enforcing compliance. Vaccines today are used to instill subservient behavior in the population, to make people fearful of asking questions so that they will always accept whatever they are told.

Historically, this is exactly how psychopaths have gotten away with mass murder. Vaccines are a perfect method for psychopaths to do whatever they want to people, whether by exposing them to cancer-causing viruses, or by destroying their cognitive abilities using common vaccine ingredients like aluminum and thimerosal.

You are not born deficient in vaccine chemicals

It’s no laughing matter; in fact, it’s something to take very seriously. Every single person who is born is not deficient in vaccines, as we are led to believe. The human immune system works based on the fundamentals of nutrition bestowed from the earth and accessible to all. There’s no need to retrain children’s immune systems with multiple doses of vaccines that can cause autoimmune reactions and nervous system disorders. Any attempt to control pathogens through vaccine injection methodology ultimately destroys the human body’s innate ability to adapt to its environment and build immunity on its own. With the proper nutritive instructions, a body can overcome and build lifelong immunity to measles, mumps, chickenpox, rotavirus, flu and other pathogens it may face.

It’s a violation of human rights when governments such as California’s forcefully require children to submit to vaccines for these simple viruses. Powerful plant nutrients, like the chlorophyll in spirulina or the curcumin in turmeric strengthen the body’s ability to adapt to its surroundings. The basic vitamins, such as A, Bs, C and D, obtained from natural sources, and utilized properly in the body, are an incredible arsenal to help anyone overcome pathogenic infections.

The most courageous souls of our time, who are willing to say NO and protect childrenfrom tainted vaccines, should be applauded. The improvement of natural immunology should be welcomed, not criminalized. Always question the medical system. Never react out of fear.  SOURCE

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