57fb8b09c36188cc708b45a4“Aliens want to help mankind but fear our violent tendencies, according to an email exchange revealed by Wikileaks. Mails sent by astronaut Edgar Mitchell to John Podesta cite an impending space war and the Vatican’s knowledge of alien life. …Podesta was serving as counselor to President Barack Obama during the exchange, before he left the position to become chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. These emails emerged before Monday’s second batch of the ‘Podesta Emails’ were released by Wikileaks.” –Source

As students of prophecy and children of the Lord that study Hid holy Word we know for an undeniable fact that the Vatican has not been in communication with aliens from other worlds at all. In fact, I did a Newsletter on this back in July of 2008. In that Newsletter I not only shared Biblical confirmation that the so called aliens of Rome are nothing more than demons, I shared actual photos of ancient paintings on Vatican walls wherein they depict aliens being instrumental in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ as well as attendants at His baptism 30 years later. I also have a video clip wherein a very popular US President makes a comment that appears to be a well scripted agenda for the Vatican’s final push towards the “peace that destroys many” that the prophet Daniel spoke of. But I don’t want to get into all that here as I find myself having to repeat it so often lately due to the final push being upon us. So.. if you get time, check out that newsletter.  

What I also share in that newsletter is the fact that the little green men everyone claims to see are “aliens” are in fact demons. I recall as a young devout Roman Catholic teenager who thanks to the evils of Catholicism saw no sin in dabbling in the occult, I ran across some ancient books one day that some of my “friends” had wherein I found many pictures of what I thought were depictions of aliens. They looked just like the little green men you see in Hollywood movies as well as in stuffed animal shops. When I asked about the ridiculous pictures of the little green man in the supposed “official” occult reference books, I was informed by my friend at the time that the little green man depiction was nothing more than a ruse used by Satan to cultivate acceptance of his demons as friendly visitors wherein they can become not only common place in homes all around the world, but widely accepted as harmless. Yes, these fallen angels can appear in any form they wish, but they chose the “little green man” so as to cultivate the question in the minds of billions about the Lord declaring He created man in His own image. If Satan can get the people to believe in little green men that don’t look like we do, the Biblical declaration of Jesus being the Creator of the Universe would be questioned when we see the little green men don’t look like Him at all. With that in mind, those that delve in the occult as deeply as some like Anton Levy or Allister Crowley who had more inside information into Satan’s plans before they choked to death are laughing out loud right now because they know those little green men are not pilots of UFO’s at all. They are nothing more than manifestations of actual demons designed to cripple the faith of Christians.

That being said, why is it the Vatican is always mentioned in certain circles when it comes to the soon coming alien “first contact” event, which I believe will be done (or has been done) behind closed doors? It’s because the Vatican is not a Christian church at all. It’s a church of Satan himself. In fact they were already caught worshipping Satan! And no, I am not calling Roman Catholics Satanists. Many of them love the Lord and have no clue their priests are lying to them or even molesting their children as the homosexual lifestyle of Satan often escalates into. The Popes and prelates of Rome hate Jesus Christ with a passion. In fact, some of them have no problem stating as such in writing. See a compilation of Vatican quotes on my Words of a Beast page when you get time. If you’re Roman Catholic, that page may just be the final straw that gets you out of that church.

Think about this basic reality of life. If Satan wants to target a Christian, what is the best method to do so? He acts like a Christian, right? This is why during the cold war (and today) when Russia wanted inside info on American politics and military might, they would teach a Russian soldier how to be the perfect American so as to gain our trust. Well, Satan will do the same thing. And as was prophesied, he chose the Roman Catholic church to set up shop on earth. This is why we hear of such things like Satanic masses in the Vatican, Pagan rituals, child molestation, murder and even UFO stories.

Decades ago the Lord revealed to me that the Roman church was not only instrumental in inventing the UFO craze, they will be using it in the coming days to lure many influential people as well as the common man off the path of truth and into the dungeon of lies and confusion. And so I have been specifically keeping my eyes on this one for many years. That’s why that Newsletter I mentioned earlier keeps getting more article links added to it. They will use this agenda in the coming days. How? I am not 100% sure as of yet, but I do see signs of using it already in a way where only political leaders are privy to it so as to make them think the ecumenical Vatican version of “god” is the best way to look at all this. I am sure some of these men and women in leadership positions believe that it is best to keep the general population in the dark on all this so as to prevent panic. Even though it’s all satanic folderol, they believe it hook, line and sinker anyway. But just as the barbed wire fences all around the real location of Mt Sinai confirm our political leaders have been duped into hiding evidence of the real God of Heaven for the Vatican’s version so as to proclaim open loyalty to the man of sin in Rome, the pushing of this UFO agenda is just as telling as the fence around Sinai. Anyone that calls a man “holy father” who molests children, sanctions homosexuality, bows before plaster statues, and worships satan outright are ones prophecy predicted would be those that built barbed wire fences around their own minds so as to stand in their own cultivated self-deception. So be it.. Jesus Christ is still Lord of lords and King of kings! And His prophetic Word is just as rock solid as the day He penned it! MARANATHA!

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