geert_wilders“Dutch politician Geert Wilders has spent years speaking out against the threat Islam poses to his country, and now he finds himself in legal trouble for it. …The charges stem from a March 2014 rally in which Wilders asked a room full of supporters if they wanted “more or fewer Moroccans” in the country. When the audience chanted, “Fewer, fewer!” Wilders responded, “Well, we’ll arrange that, then.” This led the Dutch government to prosecute Wilders for “offending members of a group based on their race, and hate speech and discrimination,” according to the New York Times. …Don’t think for a moment something like this couldn’t happen to an American politician, says American Freedom Defense Initiative president Pamela Geller – especially if Hillary Clinton becomes our next president. While she was secretary of State, the U.S. voted for U.N. Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, which calls for criminalization of ‘incitement to religious hatred,’ a subjective category that allows for the criminalization of any dissenting voice,” Geller told WND.” –Source

Yes, it was a  generalized statement, but like the Vatican controlled left has always done, if they can find any hook to hang their miter on they will go for it no matter how far-fetched it may seem to those with ample brain cells still firing that can form a fair lump of common sense. It’s obvious the man was speaking in a political sense regarding ways to prevent Muslims from invading his land to do as they have done in so many lands before them in just the last few years alone. It’s not like everyone on the planet is blind to this. And we all know how Rome was prophesied to perform this global invasion so as to have the means by which to control the courts in any given land they settle into. And having that proverbial seat in their halls of justice as well as in the U.N. they can influence their “friends” with strong Catholic connections to assure “hate speech” is curtailed on any “religious” level they can find so as to have their own religion protected in the process. This is why Islam is called a religion instead of a terrorist movement by most in the media. Since it’s claimed to be a religion, protecting one religion means all must be protected. That is of course excluding true Christianity.  

Their dying god knows his time is short and he knows all about the prophesied Loud Cry just as he knew about the Apostles calling to go forth proclaiming the Gospel message in their day 2000 years ago when the church he feared was born. And so, like back then the prelates of Rome can (and will) do all they can to prevent free speech using the bold faced lie that Islam is a “religion of peace” so as to have their prophesied religion of bloodiness well protected against the already begun present truth going forth via the lips of every obedient child of God worldwide.

So, just as the Pharisees of old demanded the apostles do not speak about Jesus and His loved filled message of salvation, they will do the same today against the remnant people that go forth in the love and power of Jesus Christ. Being as such, we too will declare what Peter and the other Apostles stated 2000 years ago. “We ought to obey God rather than men.” -Acts 5:29. And just as the obedient Apostles were given utterance with the former rain upon them, the obedient men and women of God in our day will be given utterance with the latter rain upon them. MARANATHA!

By the way.. I was planning to post this article yesterday but was called away on a family emergency. (thank you for continued prayers) Now that Trump, who has no problem declaring terrorists as terrorists is headed to DC, and we won’t have Hillary promoting Islam for Rome and Obama, this doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods on this. We may only get a 4 year pause on free speech legislation in this regard. Hillary would have made Christianity even more hated as president. But don’t forget, Trump is no friend of Biblical Christianity either. In fact, as students of prophecy we know all about the up and coming Sunday laws. With Trump winning the office of the President, the House and the Senate I am sure his promise to help the corrupt pastors who hate true Biblical Christianity the political power to protect their financial interests by allowing religious laws will come to fruition if in fact it is God’s will to allow all this within his administration. The fact Trump has already made the prophesied statement that confirms the prophecy will be fulfilled soon has many obedient Christians that much more serious about getting ready for the return of our Lord. If you never saw Trump speak on this before, check out this 6 minute video I made 4 months ago.

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