mw-dc546_pope_f_20150104105901_mgJesus was born rejected by some and regarded by many others with indifference,” he added in his Christmas Eve message. “Today also the same indifference can exist, when Christmas becomes a feast where the protagonists are ourselves, rather than Jesus. When the lights of commerce cast the light of God into the shadows; when we are concerned for gifts, but cold toward those who are marginalized. …The pope addressed children who are living in poverty and war, and also appeared to reference the Syrian refugee crisis that has created political upheaval in Europe.” –Source

Oh wow, where do I start? Perhaps Christmas eh? First and foremost, Chrismas is not a Christian holiday. It is an invention of the Popes of Rome so as to belittle the Gospel message of Christ through His Word by making the world appear more enticing than New Jerusalem.

On this website I have a page that outlines in much detail just how evil Christmas really is. Click here to see 28 points exposing everything from Paganism to a cross dresser most call Santa Clause to this day. But my favorite way to expose Christmas is to point out the fact that Jesus could not have been born in Winter. It says clearly in Luke 2:8, “And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.”  

The fact most Christian people don’t know about the climate in that region of the world makes it easy to shore up the lie. But the shepherds tending their flocks never would be in the fields that time of year due to hail storms. The Winter season would be far too dangerous for man or beast to be “abiding in the field.” Hence the reason Jesus had animals indoors with Him in that “manger” as some call it today. Basic reality is, the Angels never would have appeared to the shepherds “abiding in the field” to announce the birth of Jesus in Winter.

We also need to consider the fact that Rome did a taxation at the time Jesus was born. It says in Luke 2:4-5, “And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David)  To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.” Rome would never demand the people travel in Winter to pay the tax as it’s not conducive to travel that time of year. They didn’t have heated cars, busses or even covered wagons back then to protect themselves from the harsh Winter season. Even those traveling by ship would “Winter in” certain areas. In fact, if you trust your Bible you then recall what happened when the “centurion believed the master and the owner of the ship, more than those things which were spoken by Paul.” in Acts 27:11. Paul tried to convince the centurion that was hired to captain the ship to “winter in” the haven they were at instead of trying to make it to Phenice. He trusted the owner of the chip instead of Paul and the ship never made it to Phenice due to the violent Winter storms.

As for the Pope’s claim that materialism has “taken Christmas hostage.” What do you expect when the most materialist church on the planet invented it? Look at the Pope’s Pagan clothing, his Gucci shoes, his solid gold papa rings, his gold lined altars, his solid gold goblets and chalices, his many marble statues, floors and walls, his priceless works of art all over the walls on canvas as well as on the ceilings and in statues and thousands of carvings in the Vatican itself. Not to mention every Cathedral the world over. Absolutely every Catholic mass, from the lowliest double wide trailer in Rankin Illinois to the high and lofty Cathedrals in every major city around the world is literally arrayed in materialistic pomp and circumstance from the floors to the ceilings. I even saw the basement of a cathedral once before leaving the church that had all sorts of statues, special thrones, altars and countless pieces of art covered in gold and or marble just laying around waiting for a chance to be put on display before the people. That one church had well over a million dollars’ worth of items and that was back in the early 1980’s! 

The popes and prelates of Rome hold ceremonial parades multiple times a year in every church on the planet so as to keep the materialistic aspects of Catholicism well portrayed before the people. In these parades they carry statues and other idols covered in gold chains and even cash from the poor in their parish on every holy day of obligation. And there are many! The rectories wherein the priests claim to live a life of poverty and want are literal mansions with live-in maids. I know that for a fact as my grandmother lived in a rectory catering to the priests for decades by cooking them filet mignon, lobster and other expensive meals served on silver or fine china along with a crystal goblet beside each dish filled with fine wine. I saw all this stuff with my own eyes when I was a little boy.

The Pope and his prelates are the absolute definition of the word “hypocrite” just as much as the Pharisees of old were! They share a bold fictional concern for the poor of the world that suffer daily without food and are even killed in the very wars these priests themselves start under orders of the bloodthirsty Popes of Rome. And because most people on earth live in a self-made bubble of denial they call reality wherein truth is not allowed in, they believe his lies and declare he is one that truly cares about those children dying of starvation. Well here’s a novel idea to consider that just might kill two lying birds with one stone. Sell off all the materialistic folderol in all the Vatican churches and you will not only have enough money to feed every starving child on earth till Jesus comes back and then some, you may also open the eyes of some of the 1.2 billion Catholics who think all that gold and glitter is the true meaning of Christianity when all it really is is the glorification of the man of sin in Rome! It’s actually his promised payment from his dying god Beelzebub for doing as he asked when it came to killing off as many Christians as he can find.

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