church-state-onePlease check out this pdf file that I just now placed on my server from the IRS website. Reason it’s on my server from this day forward is because of what happened last Sabbath in the middle of the night as we all slept. The US government passed the tax reform laws that also removed a portion of the 501c3 many pastors will now deny ever existed in the coming years. This is why I will keep it online as long as possible.

Notice what it says on page 4 of this IRS instruction manual all pastors must read before signing unto the long prophesied 501c3. Now I am not going to read all of it, but I do think most should. Truth is, this is something all of us already knew. That in mind, it does say that the holder of the 501c3 can jeopardize their tax free status by committing certain acts listed in that manual. To give you an idea, it does says the pastors must not influence legislation or intervene in any political campaign whatsoever, and if you read on in the following pages they go into great detail how the pastors cannot say thing one about any political candidate or law, past, present or future to their congregation. 

And so why is that a problem you ask? Besides the fact it removes free speech from the pulpit, we all know how evil politicians have become in the last few generations wherein they have passed all sorts of laws allowing very sinful things to be normalized in society that the pastors could have stopped. And that is the main reason Lyndon Johnson set up the 501c3. He hated the way the moral compass of the churches prevented him and his cohorts from passing laws that would destroy our Christian society. And so, the 501c3 was written to prevent the pastors from saying anything to their church families about the sinful plans of the government.

This is why society is such a mess today. Since the government approved pastors refused to jeopardize their bank accounts by saying something to stop what our elected leaders wanted to do, just to name a few; this Christian nation legalized the killing of babies in abortion clinics, they legalized the use of doctor assisted suicide to kill your sick loved ones before they could even experience a healing miracle, they legalized homosexual marriage which is now causing major problems for Christian business owners, the 501c3 even prevents the pastors from warning people about the government schools that teach evolution as well as homosexuality as the norm, and thanks to these preachers of filthy lucre, the Word of God is now considered hate speech in America.

Now yes, thanks to what happened last Sabbath morning, these government approved pastors can now endorse political candidates no matter how evil they may be and even lobby for religious laws no matter how unbiblical they are. But here’s what most missed. 100% of every pastor that has gained the 501c3 contract with the second beast of Revelation since 1954 read the entire 501c3 instruction manual I now have on my server before signing on to it. They knew for a fact that when they signed it they would be unable to legally preach the truth about killing babies, grandparents or allowing homosexual marriage. But they signed that contract anyway which shows they are more concerned with saving money than they are with saving souls!

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