hurricaneHIAs many of you know, there is a hurricane (Lane) bearing down on Hawaii. (Click here for current info) Praise the Lord our prayers have been answered already.

In one of the videos, Governor David Ige stated the following “The dramatic changes in the forecast, I’ve not seen such dramatic changes in the forecasted track as we’ve seen with this storm.”

And so the prayers of the obedient remnant church are being answered as they have been so many times before when it comes to violent storms like this! We have even seen tornadoes shift their tracks on radar to avoid our area wherein once passed they go back to their original track. The promise of our Lord is absolute when His precious obedient bride prays unto Him.  

The prediction was a direct hit on some of the islands. It got up to a category 5 at times which they said was with 160mpg winds. And the computer models were declaring doom and gloom at times as it apparently headed straight for them and so many of us prayed as a church family.

After prayer the hurricane weakened down to a category 4, and just a few moments ago I found it weakened further to a category 3, and as I was looking for a pic to post in the blog I found it is now down to a category 2. Still, it has slowed down in forward speed and that means a lot of rain can be dumped on the islands. And so please keep praying because there is a real danger of major flooding, landslides and wind gusts of 70mph as well as brief tornadoes They are right now predicting 30 – 40 inches of rain as well.

We have brethren in Hawaii and they are very instrumental to the work of the long prophesied Loud Cry locally and globally. But there are also many people that have no idea as to what time it is prophetically that need to be reached and so again, please pray for all of those precious who either do the work or are about to be blessed by the present truth that is proclaimed in that region. Pray that the hand of the Lord becomes very apparent to those hearts that are still open to see His truth as prophecy says many of them will.

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