Back in 2011 I created a page on my website called “Vatican’s Socialist Agenda” wherein I share prophetic Scripture and a few articles proving the Vatican is planning to create a global socialist society wherein they can have all the control they need to put forth religious laws on a global basis. And why religious laws? Notice how every time the beast or his mark is mentioned in prophecy the word worship is right there with it.

  • Revelation 13:12, “And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.”
  • Revelation 13:15, “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”
  • Revelation 14:9, “And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,”
  • Revelation 14:11, “And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.”

Back when Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict was still in power, the evidence proving they needed a socialist format was rather sparce. I had to dig what little I found. But when pro-homosexual Jesuit Pope Francis came to power, I no longer had to do any deep digging at all anymore. All I needed to do now was my regular daily research knowing all sorts of articles were going to be popping up all over the place to the point that in just a few short years I now have nearly 400 articles proving the Socialist agenda was in fact a done deal.

But it wasn’t until the 2016 campaign for president that the floodgates opened. Many politicians in bed with Rome started to lean towards Socialism and especially when an American Senator who was a dyed in the wool Socialist tried to get on the ticket, his popularity exploded among the young people because the teachers indoctrinated them in the Government schools. When the politicians saw how the young were leaning in that direction, Socialism became THE hot topic across the board.

If you’re a student of prophecy you know they cannot enforce the mark unless they have absolute control over the people under a worldwide Socialist format. The easiest red flag to visualize if how in a Socialist society the governments control all property right down to most personal items as well.

And so why am I sharing all this? Just the other day I was sent a video that summarizes the plans laid out on the World Economic Forum’s website. Not only does this video confirm the global government we have been warning people about is in fact a done deal. Not only does the World Economic Forum declare this New World Order will be Socialist in nature, it proves as we have been saying for some time now that they plan to do this by the year 2030. (Also see this 5 min video) Check this video out! – VIDEO: 8 predictions for the world in 2030


Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days:

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: Do you see what almost everyone else sees? * UK: Nurse Arrested Trying to Remove Her 97-Year-Old Mother from Care Home * Lawsuit: At Least 21K Dead People on Pennsylvania Voter Rolls * Japan Shuts Down All but One Nuclear Reactor for Anti-Terror Protections * Justice Department investigating vote fraud * Washington voters approve comprehensive sex ed with Referendum 90 * Congress launches investigation after U.N. accused of selling out dissidents to China (The Roman Catholic run UN is placing people in danger that speak out against Islam) * Ezekiel 7:23 – GET OUT OF THE CITIES: Companies join exodus to suburbs as cities transform into ‘ghost towns’ * RELIGION OF PEACE?  France: Algerian Jailed for Killing a Woman and Trying to Bomb a Church in Paris * POPE’S PROPHESIED CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA: U.S. officially withdraws from Paris Agreement on climate change (One of many reasons they want Trump out) * ROME’S WAR ON FREE SPEECH: Twitter Censors 6 Trump Posts in 24 Hours * Facebook Censorship: Platform Will ‘Temporarily Demote’ Posts that Share ‘Election Misinformation’ * New York Times Praises Twitter and Facebook for Design Changes to Aid Censorship * VIDEO: Ted Cruz Blasts Twitter for Censoring Video Alleging Philadelphia Voting Corruption * Facebook Censors Grassroots ‘Stop the Steal’ Group with 300,000+ Members * Liberal Pressure Groups Urge Twitter to Ban Trump * Pollak: Seven Kinds of Election Interference, from Fraud to Censorship * ABC, CBS, NBC Cut Away from President Trump’s Live Remarks on Election * Twitter censors Trump declaring victory in Pennsylvania, Michigan * London grinds to halt with 1,200 miles of traffic jams, thousands flee before lockdown * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S MOB COMPLIANCE ADVANTAGE: Swathes of Italy Locked Down Again After Being Deemed Coronavirus ‘Red Zones’ (They can lie and say any city is dangerous with ease now. In the USA, watch how E.O. #11004 guarantees this) * British woman threatened with police visit for not downloading corona-tracking app * CORONAVIRUS HYPE EXPOSED: London grinds to halt with 1,200 miles of traffic jams, thousands flee before lockdown (They know the first lockdowns didn’t work, the second just proves it’s government seeking individual takeover) * COVID testing: We’ve been duped * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!


Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days:

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: VIDEO: China makes shocking claim about Jesus; rewrites Bible * VIDEO: DC Protester Says She Will ‘Wipe xxxxxx xxxxx’ with Bible (Obviously possessed) * School district retroactively changes policy to justify ban on ‘Jesus Loves Me’ mask: lawsuit (‘Black Lives Matter’ and sports logos allowed on masks, though) * Oregon First State to Legalize Psychedelic Mushrooms in Therapeutic Settings * Oregon voters decriminalize possession of meth, heroin, cocaine * VIDEO: Priest removed over photos and accusations of sex, drugs, weapons * A church in Rome has over 3,000 skeletons on display. They give a chilling—but hopeful—reminder about death (Remember this gruesome video?) * ‘Extremely disturbing’: Montana woman gets 50 years in prison for selling 5-year-old girl for sex * VIDEO: Extremely dangerous Hurricane Eta forecast to make landfall in Central America * Ezekiel 7:23 – GET OUT OF THE CITIES: VIDEO: Leftists Burn U.S. Flags During Election Night Protests * VIDEO: Protester Assaults Videographer in DC * VIDEO: Protesters Get Violent with Baseball Bats in DC * PHOTOS: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Board up in Anticipation of Election Results * National Guard Reports to Chicago to Prepare for Potential Election Unrest * GWU Warns Students to Stockpile ‘Food, Supplies, Medicine’ for Elections * Police make arrests as anti-Trump ‘resistance’ hits streets * ‘People always talk about a civil war’: Business owners preparing for riots * Ready to rumble? Piles of bricks suddenly appearing in U.S. cities * University offers whites-only space for students to learn how they oppress nonwhites * PTL: Louisiana voters: No constitutional right to abortion * RACISM IN POLITICS – TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Jemele Hill Blames ‘White People’ if Trump Gets Reelected ‘No One Else’ * Exit Polls Ranked Race, Policing Far Below Economy, Disease * Computer-science department offers new class on race and gender * HORROR OF VACCINES$66,000 fine and 5 Years in Prison if you refuse the Covid Vaccine ($66,600.00 for a coporation and $13,320 per individual) * ROME’S HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA IS SPREADING: Joe Biden’s Delaware Elects First ‘Transgender’ State Senator * Computer-science department offers new class on race and gender * Catholic university faculty upset that school criticized gay marriage * Judge charged with sexually abusing child was a church leader who ‘had sleepovers with boys’ * ROME’S WAR ON FREE SPEECH: Analysis: Twitter Censorship Dramatically Cut Trump’s Engagement on Election Night * Google Is Still Erasing Breitbart Stories About Joe Biden from Search * ‘Democrats have become enablers of corporate speech controls’ * High school forces student to remove pro-Trump face mask, allows pro-Biden masks: warning letter * Twitter’s ‘living internet’ killing free speech * School district retroactively changes policy to justify ban on ‘Jesus Loves Me’ mask: lawsuit (‘Black Lives Matter’ and sports logos allowed on masks, though) * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S MOB COMPLIANCE ADVANTAGE: $66,000 fine and 5 Years in Prison if you refuse the Covid Vaccine ($66K for a coporation and $13,320 per individual) *  Italy Imposing Night Curfew, Other Coronavirus Restrictions * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!


Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days:

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: VIDEO: Mandated Vaccinations, Get Ready To Say “NO!” * Officers shut down street preacher, then pay him compensation * VIDEO: Leaked Zoom calls: Federal workers conspiring to shut down White House in contested election (They’re planing a COUP!) * 55% of Americans believe 2020 Election Day will be most stressful day of their lives! * Planned Parenthood officials admit under oath they sold aborted-baby parts * Oregon voters to decide on decriminalizing heroin, cocaine and LSD * U.S., 30+ other nations sign prolife declaration * (This will upset those with a pro-choice desire to kill their own children) * Congress considers sale of F-35 jets to Arab nations * Ezekiel 7:23 – GET OUT OF THE CITIES: NYPD Arrests 11 After Cops, Anti-Trump Protesters Clash in NYC * Flight From the Cities: Single Family Home Construction Spending Soared September * Report: Four Philly Council Members Sought Police Budget Cuts During Week of Looting, Rioting * Murders Surge 51 Percent in Mayor Lori Lighfoot’s Chicago * ‘I Will Not Cower’: PA Candidate Sean Parnell Reports Home Vandalized with Communist Imagery * ‘I’d be lying to you if I said I wouldn’t be worried’: American cities on edge * Progressives sharpening knives for Dem ‘bloodbath’ if Biden loses * City ordered to release records on ‘unconstitutional home inspections’ * RACISM IN POLITICS – TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Another prof resigns for pretending to be non-white * Senators: U.S. colleges reverting to segregation (They have no choice, the leftwig media indocrinated the youth to become racist) * RELIGION OF PEACE?  Middle East expert: U.N. ignoring Iranian sleeper cells in U.S. * 2nd radical Islamist attack rocks France, Jewish community on high alert * HORROR OF VACCINESStoring medical information below the skin’s surface (The bioluminesence ink they use is called Luciferase) * ROME’S SOCIALIST AGENDA EXPOSED: Marco Rubio to Trump Rally: ‘Not All Democrats Are Socialists, But All Socialists Are Democrats’ * Kamala Harris Promotes Socialism Two Days Ahead of Election: ‘Equitable Treatment Means We All End Up at the Same Place’ * VIDEO: Kamala Harris echoes Karl Marx in campaign video * Archbishop warns Trump of ‘Great Reset’ plot to advance globalism * ROME’S WAR ON FREE SPEECH: Obama administration wins Jefferson Muzzle award for restricting free press (Just a reminder as to how this all started 6 years ago) * VIDEO: Facebook banned this ad * VIDEO: CNN refuses pro-Trump ad on Biden raising taxes, becomes only news network to declare it ‘false’ * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S MOB COMPLIANCE ADVANTAGE: Germany Re-Enters National Lockdown, to Last Four Weeks * England’s Coronavirus Lockdown Could Last Until Next Year * Pope Slams People that Know Lockdowns are all a Political Lie * Matteo Salvini: Italians Get Lockdowns, Migrants Get ‘Open Ports’ * New York Gov. Cuomo ends coronavirus quarantine list, requires travelers to get tested instead (Since we know Covid is fake, could it be they want to quarantine certain people they know will speak out?) * Michigan governor: Up to 6 months prison if businesses don’t surveil customers * CORONAVIRUS HYPE EXPOSED: Antifa member infected with coronavirus hands out food at Portland popsicle party: report (They know the numbers are too low) * Why COVID statists always move the goalposts * VIDEO: State health official announces daily COVID deaths while dressed in clown costume (They’re mocking those that know this is all a joke!) * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!


Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days:

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: VIDEO: Why is the Chinese military training on Canadian soil? * Survey: Fans View NBA as an ‘Overt Political Thing…Not A Sport’ (just like the mask – vaccine – climate change etc) * 1.7 million without power as Zeta batters Gulf Coast * Typhoon Molave: Landslides kill at least 19 after heavy rain in Vietnam * Taiwan buying U.S. missiles, making plans to repel Chinese invasion * Twitter users attack little girls congratulating Amy Coney Barret * Britain Is Turning Into a Totalitarian Police State, Warns Top Lawyer Lord Sumption * Ezekiel 7:23 – GET OUT OF THE CITIES: Walmart Removes All Guns, Ammo in Anticipation of Post-Election Civil Unrest * Former George Mason Prof. Says Americans Should ‘Topple’ Govt if Trump Wins (Just so you know – Civil War was Prophesied) * Report: 10 Shot, Two Killed, on Wednesday Alone in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * Texas May Deploy National Guard in Advance of Possible Post-Election Unrest * ‘Enough of this’: Limbaugh offers solution to stop riots * Philadelphia PD ordered officers not to arrest rioters, looters * ICE: Court order forces release of 250 immigrants with ‘serious convictions and charges’ * Los Angeles & DC Businesses Brace for Election Day Chaos, Board Up Windows * RACISM IN POLITICS – TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER: U. of Wisconsin-Madison Student Government Votes to Remove ‘Racist’ Abraham Lincoln Statue (wait -what?!) * ‘Racism Lives Here’: Trump Supporters Targeted in Coronado with Rogue Yard Signs * Cartoon Network Releases Ad Teaching Children How to Be ‘Anti-Racist’ (But the adults are the problem) * VIDEO: Watch: Black Woman Describes Anguish of Her Boutique’s Destruction by Philadelphia Looters (But I thought black lives mattered?!) * ‘Soaked in suffering’: Christian leaders complain of ‘white supremacy pandemic’ * VIDEO: Black Man Filmed Being Kicked Out of Restaurant for Wearing Sneakers While White Patrons in Sneakers Are Left Alone * RELIGION OF PEACE?  ‘Islamo-Fascist’ Terror: Three Dead, Several Injured After Church Attack in Nice, France * French Teen Arrested for Praising Beheading of French Teacher * Ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia: ‘Muslims Have a Right to Kill Millions of French People’ * India Scolds Muslim World for ‘Unacceptable Personal Attacks’ on France’s Macron * ‘Allah Akhbar’: Man With ‘Handgun’ Shot Dead Just Hours After Nice Terror * ROME’S HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA IS SPREADING: In an attempt at inclusivity, Tampax tweets that men get periods, too — and it backfires spectacularly * ROME’S SOCIALIST AGENDA EXPOSED: Biblical worldview giving way to socialism among young evangelicals * ROME’S WAR ON FREE SPEECH: Glenn Greenwald Resigns from The Intercept, Claims Editors Refused to Publish Biden Criticisms * VIDEO: Joe Biden Campaign Cuts off Nevada TV Reporter After Two Questions * Twitter Warns Breitbart Reporter over Violating Pakistani Law with Mohammed Cartoons * Analysis: Conservative Wikipedia Editors Six Times More Likely to Face Sanctions than Leftists * Pakistan Govt Demanded Twitter Take Down Images of Tribute to Beheaded Teacher * Report: U.S. Border Chief Mark Morgan Locked Out of Twitter Account for Border Wall Post * VIDEO: McEnany: Twitter’s Dorsey a ‘Mob Artist’ for Censoring Hunter Biden Story — ‘What Happens in North Korea’ * Government threatens prosecution of ‘hate speech’ in homes (How will they know? Alexa, Siri, Cortana or your cell phone) * Egypt president claims freedom of expression ‘stops’ when Muslims are offended * VIDEO: ‘How Do You Maintain a Democratic System When Reality Itself Has Been Banned?’ * RELIGIOUS (CATHOLIC) LAWS ARE COMING: Trump Sparks A Rise In ‘Patriot Churches’ * VIDEO: Conservative Christians Seen As ‘Obstacle to Progress’ by Leftists Pushing America Into ‘Soft Totalitarianism’ * Biblical worldview giving way to socialism among young evangelicals * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S MOB COMPLIANCE ADVANTAGE: Germany heads back into second lockdown in response to spike in COVID-19 cases * UK Police Chiefs warn cops ‘will break up Christmas dinners’ if families breach rules (How will they know? Alexa, Siri, Cortana or your cell phone) * Zimbabwe: Women Forced to Turn to Prostitution as Lockdowns Batter Failing Economy * CORONAVIRUS HYPE EXPOSED:  China Disappears Mother Protesting Faulty Chinese Vaccines * 12 graphs show mask mandates don’t stop COVID * ‘Soaked in suffering’: Christian leaders complain of ‘white supremacy pandemic’ * ‘War against the coronavirus’ primarily an information war * Dr. Scott Atlas demolishes Joe Biden’s COVID lockdown claim * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!


Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days:

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: VIDEO: Viral Video Of Thirsty Squirrel Asking For Water Melts Hearts (I just wanted to share:) * China Continues Religious Repression While Inking New Deal with Vatican * State Department: China’s goal is ‘to fundamentally revise world order‘ * Satanic Protester Dumped Blood All Over Christian Preacher at Washington Prayer Event * Human-Pig Hybrid Created in the Lab – Here Are the Facts * Security Guard in Lightfoot’s Chicago Allegedly Stabbed After Asking Sisters to Wear Masks * VIDEO: Man Allegedly Dump’s Pregnant Girlfriend’s Body on Queens Expressway * VIDEO: ‘Ballot chaser’ caught bribing and changing votes * Tennessee school district bans ‘homosexuality is a sin’ shirt while allowing gay pride symbols: lawsuit * VIDEO: ‘Ballot chaser’ boasts she got $55,000 to flip 5,000 votes for Biden (Actual video) * VIDEO: Man Plummets Into Sinkhole As He Waits For Bus, Finds Horror Below * Ezekiel 7:23 – GET OUT OF THE CITIESVIDEO: Philadelphia police arrest 91 people during violent riots after shooting of armed Black man; 30 cops hurt *Report: ‘Looters Shooting Looters’ in Mayor Kenney’s Philadelphia * VIDEO: BLM Protesters Target Jews in Philadelphia While Yelling ‘Synagogue of Satan’ * Ilhan Omar to Teen Vogue: We Need to ‘Get Rid of’ the Minneapolis Police Department * REPORT: Philadelphia Police Leader Orders No Response for Burglary, Theft Calls During Riots * Looters Flood Philadelphia Area Walmart After Breaking Pipes * National Guard in Philadelphia Nowhere to Be Found as Second Night of Mass Rioting Begins * VIDEO: Protesters Torch U.S. Flag on Pile of Burning Trash in Brooklyn * UK Police Confirmed They Stopped Drivers Leaving Lockdown Wales * VIDEO: BLM, Antifa Fight Over Who Should Lead Philadelphia Protest (Soros needs to fire them) * VIDEO: Family Dollar Store Destroyed in Philadelphia Protests * VIDEO: Looters Pillage Philadelphia Walmart — Steal Big-Screen TVs (This is the only way “masks are effective) * VIDEO: Protesters Assault Reporter Filming BLM Looting in Philadelphia * VIDEO: Car Drives into Line of NYPD Cops During Protest, At Least One Officer Wounded (It appears the police attacked first and the driver fled for life) * DHS agencies preparing for potential riots surrounding Election Day * ‘A green light to crime’: Major U.S. city considers excusing poor and mentally ill people from criminal charges * RACISM IN POLITICS – TO DIVIDE AND CONQUERSecurity Guard Ignored Ariana Grande Concert Bomber ‘For Fear of Being Branded a Racist’ * Prof: Referring to famous composers by only their last names is ‘white supremacy’ * RELIGION OF PEACE? VIDEO: Palestinian Islamic Scholar Warns Muslim Armies Coming to ‘Crush Paris’ * ROME’S HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA IS SPREADINGMan Living as Woman Targets Canadian Beauty Pageant for Not Allowing Him Entry into Contest * 13 Year-Old ‘Gender-Creative’ Boy: ‘Gender Is Over’ * ROME’S PEDOPHILE AGENDA13 Year-Old ‘Gender-Creative’ Boy: ‘Gender Is Over’ * POPE’S PROPHESIED CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA: Humans, not climate change, blamed for 96% of mass extinctions among mammals * ROME’S SOCIALIST AGENDA EXPOSEDVIDEO: Proof: Socialist Global Government to Enforce the MARK * A Former Venezuelan Government Operative Works for Facebook * ROME’S WAR ON FREE SPEECHVIDEO: Election Interference: Google Suppresses Breitbart News in Search – Even with Exact Headline *Marsha Blackburn Calls Out Google CEO Sundar Pichai over Suppression of Breitbart News * ‘Joe Biden Corruption’ Trends on Google – But Google Whitewashes Autocomplete Suggestions * Facebook and Twitter CEOs Can’t Name a Leftist They’ve Censored * Facebook Political Ad Blackout Suffers Glitches * A Former Venezuelan Government Operative Works for Facebook * U.S. senator scorches Twitter for censoring bombshell Biden report * VIDEO: Hunter’s ex-business partner drops bombshell on Joe Biden and family (Most Networks Censored This) * Nearly half of university students OK with censoring speech * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S MOB COMPLIANCE ADVANTAGESecurity Guard in Lightfoot’s Chicago Allegedly Stabbed After Asking Sisters to Wear Masks * SUNY Students Must Test Negative for Coronavirus Before Going Home for Thanksgiving * NYC mayor asks residents to avoid traveling out of state during holidays * CORONAVIRUS HYPE EXPOSEDStudy: Over 1 in 4 Coronavirus Deaths in China Linked to Pollution * North Dakota Officials to Put Unused Federal Virus Funding into Oil Production, Education (Then why are they saying “a second wave” is coming?) * Lack of common travel protocols could cost world trillions of dollars * The Great COVID Lie * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!

Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days:

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: VIDEO: VIDEO: Australian Women Forced Off Qatar Airways Flight and (Forced) Strip-Searched * Charity Launches Asylum Petition for Pakistani Christian Girl Forced to Convert to Islam * Robot weapons raising concern for Congress * State court allows spy operations by police using license plate readers * Gunmen storm school in Cameroon, killing at least 6 children * Expert’s stunning conclusion: China’s killing Americans ‘deliberately’ (With Fentanyl) * U.S. Supreme Court turns away religious bias claim against Walgreens (Walgreens fired an SDA for refusing to work on Sabbath – The Lord allowed this as he was working in a Pharmacy) * Ezekiel 7:23 – GET OUT OF THE CITIESAt Least 24 Shot, 6 Fatally, over the Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * Looting, Vandalism After Leftists Win Chile Election to Destroy Constitution * VIDEO: ‘Shove Your New World Order Up Your ***!’ – London Erupts in Protest Against Lockdown * VIDEO: Protesters Target Suburbs in Washington State * VIDEO: BLM Demands Allegiance from Shoppers, Diners in Affluent Suburb * Americans are panic-buying military & survivalist gear 2 weeks before election * RACISM IN POLITICS – TO DIVIDE AND CONQUERAndrew Cuomo Accused of Antisemitism Again After Threat to Cut Money to Jewish Schools * Jewish Family Traumatized by Pepper-spray Attack on ‘Jews for Trump’ Caravan * VIDEO: ‘Jews for Trump’ Caravan Rolls Thru New York City; Punches, Rocks Thrown * ‘Junior Scholastic’ tells middle schoolers America is ‘systemically racist’ * RELIGION OF PEACE? UK Child Abuse Inquiry Refuses to Investigate Pakistani Grooming Gangs * Charity Launches Asylum Petition for Pakistani Christian Girl Forced to Convert to Islam * Muslim World Rises Against French Crackdown on Radical Islam * ROME’S HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA IS SPREADINGElection Stakes Are ‘Extremely High’ Say Transgender Activists (They need Roman Catholic Biden to win – The Pope just proved that) * Court to review new definition of ‘woman’ * Venezuela’s Maduro, citing Francis, asks congress to consider same-sex marriage (He already did) * ‘Ridiculox:’ Campus campaign for gender neutrality goes off deep end * Catholic leaders issue sharp warning on pope after he embraces gay unions (Won’t change a thing. – they answer to him, not the other way around) * ROME’S WAR ON FREE SPEECHChristian, Family Groups Condemn Wikipedia Banning Statements Against Gay Marriage * Election Interference: YouTube Runs ‘Fact Check’ on Searches, Not Just Videos, About Biden and Fracking * VIDEO: Ron Paul talks Big Tech censoring conservatives * New Jersey mayor opens food boxes, removes and replaces Trump letter with his own * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S MOB COMPLIANCE ADVANTAGEHillary Clinton: I Was ‘Born’ to Handle the Coronavirus Pandemic (Well, she is the one that said “Never waste a good crisis“) * CORONAVIRUS HYPE EXPOSEDCOVID-19 death rates have drastically fallen among all age groups * Atomic bombshell: We have proof that Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015 and 2017 * Facebook Tries to Shut Down NYU Study on Targeted Political Ads * VIDEO: Israeli anti-corona nasal spray stops 99.99% of infections * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!


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