The Pope said: “The phenomenon of climate change has become an emergency that no longer remains at the margins of society. Instead, it has assumed a central place, reshaping not only industrial and agricultural systems but also adversely affecting the global human family, especially the poor and those living on the economic peripheries of our world.” He said the world is facing the twin challenges of “lessening climate risks by reducing emissions” and of “assisting and enabling people to adapt to progressively worsening changes to the climate”. These challenges require everyone to come up with a multi-dimensional approach to protect people and the planet, he added. Pope Francis once again spoke of the need for an “ecological conversion“, saying this process requires everyone to be grateful for God’s Creation, to live in communion with one another, and to work together to deal with environmental problems. “Courageous, cooperative and far-sighted efforts among religious, political, social and cultural leaders on local, national and international levels are needed in order to find concrete solutions to the severe and increasing problems we are facing.” He called on the most-developed nations to reduce their own carbon emissions, while also offering financial assistance to “less prosperous areas of the world”… “Everything is connected,” repeated Pope Francis, adding that “promoting the long-term common good of our planet is essential to genuine ecological conversion“. He noted that the Holy See and Vatican City State have recently acceded to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement.” –

This is happening very fast exactly as prophesied. The push for all nations to adapt the climate agenda has become an emergency according to the pope. In fact, the term “ecological conversion” is actually just another meaning for SUNday rest:

Ecological conversion also means dealing with time differently, both as an individual and as a society. We need to rediscover the “rhythm of time the alternation between work and rest with Sunday as the commonly shared weekly day of rest.” Times of Malta

Religious laws are coming! It’s NOT climate change but it’s actually the final signs of our Lord’s soon return! Are you ready? Are you sure?!

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Headlines for 08-10-22