Pope denounces Christians who don’t want refugees as “hypocrites”

h20160416000527“It is hypocritical to call yourself a Christian and to chase away a refugee, or anyone who needs your help. Jesus taught us what it means to be a good Christian in the parable of the Good Samaritan,” Francis said in a meeting with German Lutheran pilgrims at the Vatican.” –Source

First and foremost we all need to understand who is talking here. This is not just a Pope, aka man of sin as prophecy calls him, he is a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest to boot. Click here to read the oath he took to become a Jesuit. (very graphic!) And if you read the Jesuit oath, and especially what I call the “red paragraph” you will see this man is the ultimate hypocrite.

What he’s not saying here is far worse that what he is saying. Yes, Jesus said we must help people. But Jesus never said we must openly help people kill us and our Christian brethren, nor would Jesus ever condone breaking laws of the land as this and all previous Popes demand of American Catholics when it comes to the influx of illegal aliens that bolster the Catholic voting bloc. If it’s as this Pope claims when it comes to refugees, then all those that helped Paul descend the wall in a basket to escape his killers are also hypocrites. There’s a big difference between lending a helping hand as Christ would offer and lending a helping hand as Satan would offer.   Continue reading