$5,000 challenge! Show KJV Verse for Sunday Sabbath

THE-TRUTH-PROVIDEDjThe Lord woke me up with a wonderful thought this morning. Seeing how the pope and many of his followers as well as all the 501c3 preachers now have the ability to make void the law of God, and this is something they will do soon. It looks like the opportune time to push ahead with the truth on this. We all need to be better prepared for that long prophesied day with a well-informed body of believers who have all the spiritual and biblical information they need to fight for the truth as it is found in Scripture regarding God’s law.

Of course I am speaking of the up and coming Sunday laws that Christian prophecy states Rome is about to demand and all the fallen Protestant churches that created their image to the beast so as to better help the man of sin to assure every lukewarm soul in their fallen churches will join in worship of the Pope who will be used by Satan to make void the Law of our God worldwide.   Continue reading

High Court rules Tel Aviv stores can open Sabbath

telaviv800.2016215T101003“Israel’s High Court of Justice today ruled that supermarkets, entertainment centers, and pharmacies would be allowed to operate in Tel Aviv on the Sabbath (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset). The Court had to rule on the issue, after three years during which Ministers of the Interior Gideon Sa’ar, Silvan Shalom, and Aryeh Deri refrained from making a decision. …he special and separate arrangement for the Sabbath day reflects national Jewish culture, together with the important social values of democracy. At the same time, the arrangement includes an important democratic element at the local level making it possible to give more precise expression to the different characteristics of the population in every town and community.” –Source

In other words, as expected, the Jews have bowed to the Roman man of sin just as students of prophecy declared they would for many years. And I am not just saying that to toot a horn or seek recognition because we all know that the prophecy of the mark of the beast entails a global law and no matter what day you call Sabbath, unless you give it up and bow to Rome’s Sunday laws you will have some very difficult times ahead of you when it comes to having the ability to buy and sell and then those in power will see your life. Hence the reason for 30,000+ guillotines already on US soil.   Continue reading

SUNDAY LAW: The one commandment that almost all Christians break, and why it matters

10-commandmentsIt had been a very busy time. I’d already been in Israel and Palestine for a month or so. In between volunteer shifts (I was there with the World Council of Churches) I had been taking every opportunity to meet people and see the sights.

Although there is a wonder about that place, there’s also a sadness. For every inspiring historical site, there’s another contemporary situation that breaks your heart.

So it was in a state of some tiredness that I came woke early in my apartment near Ramallah in Palestine, headed through the misery of the Qalandiya checkpoint and up into the north of Israel.

I was to be staying for the weekend at a Kibbutz near Nazareth. This was an unusual enough experience in itself but I was also going to be there throughout Sabbath, staying with an observant family.   Continue reading

New poll finds fewer people keep the Sabbath than in the 70’s, but many people still value it

2bc3557695The Sabbath may be losing its religious significance in the eyes of many Americans, but a majority still believe taking a day of rest benefits society, according to a new survey on Sabbath observance by the Deseret News.

Half of U.S. adults today (50 percent) say the Sabbath has personal spiritual meaning for them, down from 74 percent in 1978. However, 62 percent of people agree that it’s important for society to have one day a week set aside for spiritual rest, the survey reported — and only 11 percent disagree with that proposition.

The Deseret News poll was conducted by Y2 Analytics and YouGov among 1,691 Americans, including an oversample of Mormons and Jews, two groups known for their Sabbath observance. It finds that members of some religious groups, such as Mormons and evangelicals, continue to focus their Sunday activities around church attendance and Bible study, while others spend their time on less spiritual pursuits. Source

!!! Please note: The Sabbath being reported here is actually Sunday and not Saturday (the seventh day of the week).  The Catholic Church admitted that the change from Saturday to Sunday is not biblical but only from the her tradition. 

Nothing is said in the Bible about the change of the Lord’s day from Saturday to Sunday. We know of the change only from the tradition of the Church–a fact handed down to us from earliest times by the living voice of the Church. That is why we find so illogical the attitude of many non-Catholics, who say that they yet will believe nothing unless they can find it in the Bible and yet will continue to keep Sunday as the Lord’s day on the say-so of the Catholic Church.The Faith Explained, by Leo J. Trese, page 246. Nihil Obstat by Louis J. Putz, C.S.C., Univ. of Notre Dame. Imprimatur by Leo A. Pursley, D.D. Bishop of Fort Wayne, Indiana.