Perverted Professor Admittedly Using Target Restrooms for Sexual Purposes

ari-nagel-1024x613A perverted CUNY professor is admitting to using Target and other store restrooms for sexual purposes for lesbians and others who are seeking his “services” to become impregnated, and now, as a result, is the father of 22 children.

In the graphic front page interview with the New York Post, Ari Nagel, who is a math professor at Kingsborough Community College that is part of City University of New York (CUNY), proudly admitted that he often has been using the restroom at the Target at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, as well as other public store restrooms, including Starbucks, to view pornography and provide seminal specimens to women. His buyers then use the ladies’ restroom for self-insemination.  Continue reading…


Target snub sparks brand-new boycott alarms

target-twThe American Family Association’s leadership hand-delivered a petition with more than one million names to Target executives, demanding it overturn its “unsafe bathroom policy” and make transgenders use the restroom facilities that correspond to their birth sex.

The AFA also said in a release its leadership was also able to meet briefly with Target’s management and express concerns about the retailer’s new bathroom policy that lets store staffers and customers use whatever bathroom they choose, based on whichever gender they feel they identify with best, at the time.  Source