VIDEO: Professor: Christians Bigger Threat Than Islamists

46293“Though Professor Catherine M. Wallace calls herself a Christian – one of the social justice variety – she claimed in  a lecture called “Confronting Fundamentalism” at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore on the campus of the University of Chicago that Christian fundamentalists pose a greater threat to our nation because they can somehow gain access to the nuclear codes. …Wallace believes that “Christian fundamentalist” violence is a threat because it stems from a literal reading of the Bible, which she claims is a modern aberration and that “nobody in the ancient world would have read the Bible literally.” –Source

Not only does this professor admit she is Roman Catholic, she declares with pride that she is a Jesuit trained Roman Catholic. And she does so directly after slamming who she calls fundamentalists. That by the way happens to be Rome’s pet name for all Christians that actually read and believe the Bible.   Continue reading