Poll: Jesus Was a Socialist Who Would Support Bernie Sanders

theyoungmessiah_07-_h_2016“The scientific poll was created by the filmmaking team behind ‘The Young Messiah,’ based on an Anne Rice novel. Jesus was apparently a socialist who would support Bernie Sanders for president. At least those are the implications of a poll taken by those who are marketing the June 9 DVD release of The Young Messiah, based on an Anne Rice novel about Jesus as a child.” –Source

First and foremost, anything from Hollywood is going to be demon inspired and so there is no need to dig into the man Cyrus Nowrasteh that actually directed the film “the young Messiah.” And yes, if you’re wondering, all that comes from Hollywood is of Satan. The name of their city alone confirms this hands down. Ask any witch what wood he or she prefers to use for the wand they wield in incantations and they will tell you the wood of the holly tree, or holly wood. So again, the director is no different than any other director in Hollywood.

But what of the author?

The woman “Anne Rice” that wrote the “Christian novel” titled “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt” of which Cyrus Nowrasteh created the movie “The Young Messiah” that was released last March is not Christian by any means. In the movie it appears as per eyewitness accounts that the “Jesus” in the film was a Socialist. And so, I did my digging as I usually do and found that the woman that wrote the novel that became the movie had other works in her repertoire. And those works were very violent, horrific, perverted and sexual to boot. In fact, her list or “genre” states she writes “Gothic fiction, horror, Erotica, Christian fiction, Fantasy.” So, I dug a tad deeper and found she became an Atheist at the age of 18 but later in 1998, wherein she almost died and was in a coma for a while, she went back to her family faith of, you guessed it, Roman Catholicism. So of course her novel about Jesus in His youth was bound to be made into a movie wherein it would be released in an election year so as to further spread seeds of Socialism into every nook and cranny that the Pope of Rome can find. Also keep in mind that since the Bible doesn’t go into much detail in Jesus’ youth, this movie will have to be mostly fiction (lies) drummed up in the mind of a woman not walking with Jesus. Continue reading…

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