Journalist’s admission a step to legitimizing pedophilia

42bc60e8257d04eef8b8a2959f508cb5“About a month ago, I wrote a column detailing a prediction that in its ongoing efforts to debase society, the political left would soon see fit to begin legitimizing pedophilia. To this end, pedophiles would form activist groups as the North American Man-Boy Love Association did in the 1970s and 1980s – but this time, they would have prominent, deep-pocketed supporters. Those who believe that child molesters should be fed into the handiest wood-chipper will be characterized as bigots by snarling liberals – just as occurred when citizens tried to prevent other sexual deviants from running roughshod over individual liberties. In my commentary, I maintained that just as the “rights” of transgendered people came to supersede the privacy rights and safety of our women and children, the “rights” of people who include sex acts with children among their lifestyle choices (which a panel of scrawny, pony-tailed university professors will declare are hardwired into their DNA and therefore “normal”) will supersede the rights of all American children to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” –Source

As nice as it is to see a secular journalist reporting on something students of prophecy have been predicting for just over two decades; it’s still not an easy thing to witness in today’s world because now, innocent little children are targeted by our political and church leaders. The lusts of the flesh have grown so far into perversion that they are actually passing laws legalizing sin in its most vile format. I can honestly see how and why Lot was so vexed by living among homosexuals back then. Continue reading…

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