supreme-court“The American Bar Association has adopted a new rule it says will crack down on discriminatory conduct in the legal profession, but conservative critics warn the real goal is to silence views contrary to the group’s liberal orthodoxy on gender identity and sexual orientation and drum attorneys who hold those views out of business. …It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to: (g) “Engage in conduct that the lawyer knows or reasonably should know is harassment of discrimination harass or discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status or socioeconomic status in conduct related to the practice of law. …This is an attempt to silence Christians in the legal profession. The main drivers of it are LGBT activists trying to eliminate religious liberty defenses on matters pertaining to same-sex marriage and also transgenderism, to purge observant Christians from the legal profession” –Source

So many scoffers stated out loud and bold (and still do) that students of prophecy as well as some that actually understand the movements of the shadow government running things in the US Courts were insane for assuming homosexual laws will make Christians into third class citizens, less able to find work, keep businesses open, preach the Bible or even have a voice in society in general and yes we will also see certain freedoms in life completely removed due to our faith.

What say ye now?

No, I do not expect a response from scoffers because as usual they run off into the darkness waiting for a glimmer of hope that some new article or even will somehow vindicate their evil mindset when it comes to the proper morals we used to see in society and how they have always been based on Christianity. One would think that after a few decades of egg on so many shirts that at least one crow dinner would be served up. But nary a crow looks concerned and rightly so. Scoffers run and hide and those with the facts clam up because speaking would in fact vindicate the Christians and they simply can’t have that.

Those political leaders that promoted the Vatican’s homosexual agenda knew on day one they were bettering their careers by lying and so now that the damage is done, they won’t for any reason imaginable come out and admit it because in so doing would end in political suicide. But those that believed their lies over the years may very well step up and do the right thing because truth does have that effect on some people. In fact, some have already stepped forward, and yes as we have seen repeatedly, they were shunned for it. No matter.. the seed was planted.

Truth is, even if millions of Christians step up and shout loudly, it won’t matter much when it comes to the majority. The damage is done and you cannot stop this ball rolling downhill any more than you can stop prophetic fulfillment. But those that need to hear it and embrace it will do just that! Not only does it glorify the Lord when they do as He prophesied; it vindicates His bride that did all she could to warn the masses as the loud cry goes forth. So they can close the businesses, censor the websites, refuse Christians access to legal careers or even kill the Christians in large numbers. The loud cry will go forth and no matter how much they try to stack the deck in their favor, just as Goliath fell to his death at the feet of a little boy, this Vatican orchestrated attack on God’s obedient people will end with the smoke of her burning rising up before those that reveled in her delicacies.


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