mr-jamal-mansour“Jamal Mansour, 63, of Rocky River, Ohio, walked into his adult daughter’s bedroom at 1:15 a.m. Tuesday and shot her twice in the head while she slept. His daughter, Tahini Mansour, 27, died about 10 hours later at a local hospital. “We don’t have a solid motive other than an argument occurred between a father and his daughter,” said Lt. George Lichman with Rocky River Police. Islam experts and former Muslims say the suspect’s behavior is rife with clues but don’t look for the police or media to flesh them out and share those clues with the public. Mansour is a Muslim immigrant from Jordan and his alleged execution-style killing of his daughter bears the hallmarks of Islamic honor violence, says Daniel Akbari, a former top Shariah lawyer in Iran who defected to the U.S. several years ago and now lives in Texas. –Source

I must say I am just plain sick and tired of all this idiocy in the media. Absolutely everyone on the planet knows exactly what this man’s motive was. He is a Muslim and Muslims kill their daughters for everything from refusing to wear a hijab to just looking at a boy that happens to be anything but Muslim. And some girls have even been killed by their fathers or brothers if the boy she looks at is a Muslim, but not one of their own sect. And can you believe it? It’s called an honor killing?! Genesis 16:11,12 described Islam in a way only a true ever living and ever loving God can do!  

This term “honor killing” kind of reminds me of how they soften the word “child murder” by calling in abortion in the USA. In any event, killing people be they adults or children is something Satan revels in and so he will get it done no matter what it takes. Call it abortion, honor killing, doctor assisted suicide or downright murder and suicide, it will continue till the end. So one can expect more honor killings like this so as to keep Satan’s trophy case filled and the courts confused on how to handle it all. After all, the father said he had to kill her to keep the family’s honor and so the judge will no doubt be tempted to cut the man some slack thanks to the current abnormal fruits of today’s end time society. What amazes me is how Muslims think committing murder makes them appear more honorable. But then this is a religion of Rome.

Still… because Rome has to do all it can to keep the well indoctrinated sheeple uninformed, and the media and the police fear Rome’s wrath knowing if they fail their god in Rome they will lose their precious dollars and cents; everyone in the media won’t touch this with a ten foot Papal crosier and the police will keep playing dumb by claiming they cannot figure out what the motive is, even though it’s painfully clear why he killed her.

When even an uneducated teenager can see that the media is covering all this up and we see the police acting like they have duct tape all over their mouth, how can anyone not see this is being swept under the rug of political ineptness? The powers that be have more desire to cover things up than most people have to keep their own persona hidden that says they just don’t care as long as they don’t turn off cable TV. I mean come on already! WAKE UP! (No.. I am not talking to my subscribers.. you at least get it!) Muslims are violent people. How is this so confusing when we all have eyeballs and ears that seem to be somewhat connected to a brain? Their Koran is replete with bloodthirsty commands cover to cover. So, because they declare “death to the infidel” in their “holy book” we are to now assume they want to stop by for a visit to break bread, sing hymns and initiate a group hug? And no, I am not saying that when the people finally wake up that this will all go away. Oh no.. it will get worse. Prophecy will be fulfilled. I only show “wake up” so as to have a few more family members to enjoy the presence of the Lord with in New Jerusalem when all this idiocy is left behind in a massive pile of dung.

You know what? This also reminds me of how Hitler came to power in WWII. Everyone kept looking the other way when it wasn’t hitting close to home. And this includes even when their next door neighbors were attacked and killed because excuses always have a tendency to grow in nature when the flesh is at stake. But the basic reality cannot be avoided wherein they finally found themselves in the gun sights of the Nazis. Now they saw the need to speak up, but then that’s how their neighbors felt as they cried out for help.

Bottom line is this; the fact the nay sayers and fearful of the day refused to be there for their fellowman when they knew it was the right thing to do was why they now became the targets. And they no doubt knew it as well! Had they been there for their neighbors they would never have to deal with what was now banging on their own door. So.. for those of you glued to your TV sets, cell phones and tablets… In some cases.. some of you are already surrounded.

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