gavel-american-flag-600“A federal judge in Alabama has admitted that the First Amendment has been compromised by a demand from the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center to censor a state Supreme Court justice, but he’s not going to make a decision now, according to Liberty Counsel. So the non-profit legal group is filing an appeal on behalf of Justice Tom Parker’s challenge to a restriction on speech in the state’s judicial code and the state Constitution’s provision that automatically removes a judge from office based on nothing more than an unsubstantiated allegation. The case is just the latest in a war against conservative judges in the state by SPLC, which publicly slams as “haters” anyone who does not subscribe to its pro-homosexual and same-sex “marriage” agenda.” –Source

Ah yes.. another smoking gun. Now do you see why homosexuality became “normal” in society a few years ago (as students of prophecy expected) and homosexual marriage became normalized last year? It’s because they obviously got to the judges in the land who, like all the so called pastors that fear losing their tax free status, were childishly easy to sway away from their morals so as to keep their dollars well vested. But, as we see with this judge who had to moral foundation and courage to do the right thing, the Vatican’s long exposed homosexual agenda has been outed and so they will target any and all judges that speak out against it. And yes, thanks to the inept pastors and disobedient Christians who could not read the writing on the wall, many Roman Catholics were elected into public office allowing Rome’s tentacles (or talons) reach deep into the fabric of society.  

Seriously, look what happened when homosexual marriage was legalized in one state. Some judges in other States stepped up immediately to speak out against it, and like we saw with the Indiana governor, some even went so far as to demand religious liberty laws to be better enforced. But with every judge that spoke up and yes, even the Indiana governor, who is now riding on the same ticket with Trump, they all caved in and allowed Rome and her DC cohorts to run roughshod over their morals to make sure they keep their mouths shut while at the same time keep their paychecks flowing.


With this judge they failed. And so thanks to his stance we now have the proverbial smoking gun as a well-lit beacon that declares everyone with the Christian courage to stand firm in the truth that unlike the Vatican pastors in all the churches, as well as the SDA church, we will declare it is right to obey God rather than man! Still, expect more judges to be removed from the bench as well as some obedient pastors being removed from the pulpit in the coming days. This has to happen as the long prophesied final push of Rome which openly mocks the Creator using homosexuality, just as their dying god did right before the flood of Noah. In fact, that was the final “straw” that brought on the flood. Bottom line is Christian prophecy will be fulfilled!

As I stated the other day during our online Sabbath service. When the disobedient pastors declare we must condone and even sanction the homosexual lifestyle as if the Christian God is ok with it, and refusing to do so shows true hatred for the homosexual, these wolves claiming to be pastors are using the ancient method of Satan to make the obedient Christians appear to be the hateful ones when in fact the churches that condone homosexuality actually hate the homosexual to the core. According to the never changing God of the Bible, both the Old and New Testament proclaims homosexuality is an abomination and we the true bride of Christ must love them enough to tell them the truth so as to hopefully prevent their eternal plight. The lukewarm Christians in all the churches who embrace and sanction homosexuality actually hate them enough to lie to them. Because the basic reality is, if you love someone who you know for a fact is in danger, your love for them compels you to warn them so they don’t get harmed. But if you really hate them, you will openly lie to them and declare all is well so as to assure the harm comes their way. Truth is THAT BLUNT sometimes! 

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