Jared-Kushner-January-22-2017-AP-640x480“President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner has reportedly hired top Hollywood public relations executive Josh Raffel to take a key role at the White House. Raffel — the 32-year-old communications chief for horror production company Blumhouse Productions (The Purge, Insidious) and a veteran of New York City-based PR firm Hiltzik Strategies — will reportedly join the White House Office of American Innovation, according to Variety. The outlet notes that Raffel is well-respected among entertainment industry journalists for his “sane, sensible style, and his wit.” –Source

How I ask can anyone from Hollywood, and a horror film executive to boot, be considered to be one with a “sane, sensible style?” The man is involved with making Hollywood movies that glorify death! Is it any wonder serial killings have increased in number as well as very bloody murder scenes? Horror films have always gone off the chart with insane and I mean INSANE acts of violence, torture and extremely graphic murders. And with CGI technology they can literally make the on screen murders appear very real and satisfying to anyone with that caliber of demon deep inside them. How is that in anyway sane or sensible? But because Hollywood is all about selling the lie, everyone that clamors to the theaters or sits vegetating behind their TV’s will buy it hook, line and pitchfork.  

Anyone with any morals at all knows how evil Hollywood truly is. And if you don’t know about this, just put in “Hollywood evil agenda” into your favorite search engine and see for yourself. Basic reality here is that most with common sense know why actors get involved with politics. After Ronald Reagan did it and they discovered it’s just another role, the flood gates opened. The actors, or “professional liars” as common sense calls them, realized back then they too can use their “believable” ability to lie straight faced on camera knowing full well it will help them not only win elections, but make the American people think all is well in the Government when in fact it’s downright demonic in DC. In fact it’s gotten so bad it would be wise to get out of the cities their pawns govern before you’re trapped under martial law! Plus, with Obama and his 8 years of reading his Vatican script from teleprompters, and this includes in front of a bunch of 5 years old in school no less!

The actors of today know they can pull off the “part” of playing the president of the USA as long as they keep to the script written by Rome on those teleprompters and treat it like any other acting job wherein they follow a director’s lead step by step. This time of course the director being the man of sin in Rome. This is why we see a new crop of “actors” vying for the position of elected officials as we speak. They know it’s all about playing a part and since both actors and politicians are known to be professional liars, a job in DC is just another gig to them. And when it comes to Hollywood execs that already have connections to people in political office as their movie plots and hidden messages have declared for decades, it’s an easy job to get, as we just saw with Raffel who had connections with Trump’s son-in-law before landing this cushy job.

In any event, this is the age of lying. I have been calling it that for decades because as a student of the Bible I know Satan knows he has little time to do his magic and so anyone bowing to him will be promoted, puffed up and elected to assure his lies become the norm in politics, the media and every single classroom coast to coast. And with that many embracing the lies on a daily basis in our nation, one can and will see how easy it will be to define we are in fact in the very last days on earth! Satan is most assuredly building his troops for Armageddon.

That being the case, have you joined ranks with him? Or have you joined with Christ who will win this long prophesied war with ease? The choice has always been yours. But, very much unlike Satan, Jesus Christ will never force you to follow Him. That’s one of the beauties of this Christian walk. It’s all about true LOVE that moves the obedient heart of the child of God.

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