THE-TRUTH-PROVIDEDjAs many of you know, the last five years or so have seen one false prophet after another echoing what Harold Camping claimed regarding the Jesuit contrived secret rapture that they claim precedes a seven year tribulation period. Lately, we have seen that same Jesuit lie go forth repeatedly all over YouTube and the main stream media. We saw them claim the seven year trib would begin on September 23October 21, and now we hear they are saying October 31 is the new date for the start of the seven year trib.

Now I am not going to get into showing how the Jesuits twisted the prophecies of the book of Daniel chapters 7, 8 and 12 because I already did that in my September 11, 2017 video which exposed the September 23 false prophet. But because the emails keep coming and comments are still being posted asking about the 7 year trib; I thought I should make a video showing how one simple verse in Scripture blows the literal doors off this Jesuit contrived and Vatican approved false prophecy. And yes, there’s a sinister reason for it. That one Bible verse shares something Jesus said in Matthew 24:36, which was, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”  

Yes, I have used that verse in every video I made exposing the false prophets of September 23 and October 21. But most keep missing my point and so I will say it plainly for all to hear. The 7 year trib concoction was penned for three reasons. #1, it makes the great tribulation that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 appear to come at the end of the world when in fact that great tribulation happened exactly as the prophet Daniel predicted between the years 538AD to 1798AD wherein hundreds of millions of Christians were tortured and killed by the Roman Catholic Popes, priests and prelates.

#2, their false prophecy makes Christ out to be a liar twice in that it literally dictates that all the wicked that are left behind will know the exact date Jesus splits the Eastern sky because according to the Jesuits, after all the Christians are secretly taken to Heaven one day, all the wicked need to do then to calculate His return is to count forward exactly seven years and they will have the exact date of His return even though Jesus said no man will know that date.

And #3, for them to claim the wicked know the date and the obedient Christians that supposedly left seven years prior who didn’t know that date means the Lord lied through His apostle Peter when He said in Acts 10:34 that “God is no respecter of persons:”

This false prophecy of Rome makes the Bible come off as faulty while at the same time belittles the Author of it. And that is actually the Vatican’s main foundation for membership in the Roman Catholic church. And for those were confused by that statement; I have a page on my website titled, “Why Rome Hates Sola Scriptura” wherein I show why Rome hates the Bible as much as they do wherein they declare ecclesiastical power over it, power to change it, and even the power to kill those that read it.

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