ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg“The Devil is more intelligent than mere mortals and should never be argued with, Pope Francis has warned. …He uses various terms to refer to the Prince of Darkness, including Satan, the Evil One, the Seducer, Beelzebub and the Great Dragon. …Last week Pope Francis called for the wording of the Lord’s Prayer to be changed so that it blames the Devil, rather than God, for “leading us into temptation.” –Source

First and foremost, notice where the Pope is making this statement. Look at the picture I posted in the blog entry. He is speaking from the Vatican’s audience hall. I did a video on that building back in January showing how the building was specifically designed to look like the head of a serpent. Worse yet, the place the Pope stands when he speaks to the people is made to look like he is speaking from inside of a serpent’s mouth. Fangs and all! Yet he claims to be a Christian? Confusing isn’t it? Stay with me on this one because it doesn’t end here. 

Next we see the article reports on the fact the Pope also wants to change the Bible passage many call “the Lord’s prayer” so as to remove what he claims is a confusing statement from our God. But first and foremost, that passage is not actually a prayer. It’s an outline for prayer. The Apostles asked Jesus how to pray and He showed them how to do just that. In fact, if you look at John 17 where Jesus is actually praying in the Garden before His arrest, He uses that simple outline for prayer. Confused even more? Again.. I’m not done yet.

If you check out my Bogus Bibles page you will see the Popes of Rome have changed God’s Word more than once throughout history and more so in these last days so as to both allow Pagan dogma to appear biblical as well as remove certain doctrines and prophecies that expose them as Antichrist. And since the Pope is quoting from the historically intact and heavenly protected King James Bible that he claims is so confusing in the so called “Lord’s prayer,” one can expect his newest version of the Bible with the altered verses from the Lord’s prayer will be no different than the other Vatican Bibles that have literally thousands of verses missing and rewritten. I expose two such Vatican sanctioned Bibles on my bogus Bibles page. The NIV and the NASB. You would also do well to check out the link on the bottom of the page that exposes the so called New King James Bible. Even the logo on the cover is demonic!

Now it is true we need not converse with Satan. All we need to do is use the name of Jesus to get him to flee. He’s actually that weak when he gets around real Christians. And it is also true the Lord would never lead any of us into temptation. We do that by stepping away from Him. But keep in mind, the Pope is a Jesuit, he is standing in a building built to look like a serpent that Satan used to cause our first parents to fall in the Garden of Eden and he does so claiming to be the leader of all Christians that are members in the World Council of Churches. And yes, the SDA church is in fact a contributing member of the Pope’s church. That’s right. The SDA leaders are lying to you when they say they are not under the Pope’s leadership. See the documented proof here. They are actually sending the Pope YOUR TITHES!

The reason all of this comes off as confusing to some people is because confusion is in fact a fruit of Babylon and Satan wields it well when disobedience is embraced. And because of obedience the confusion comes upon them and then apostasy follows. In fact, the term “Babylon” is defined in Hebrew as “confusion (by mixing)” and the mixing is to mix truth with error which is also the way you define apostasy. 

But now for the main reason I am sharing all this. The Pope just glorified Satan by declaring him much more powerful than any of us, which is true if you have no faith in Jesus to be able to resist Satan as per James 4:7’s declaration. So where is the error he preaches that is designed to foster all this confusion to get people to trust him? Do you recall these three videos I posted not too long ago? #1, The Pope said JESUS FAILED!?#2, Pope says the Cross & God a failure AGAIN!! And finally #3, Pope says you are STUPID.

In other words, the Pope of Rome ignores what James 4:7 says to declare Jesus is a failure and Satan is a “great dragon” who is much more powerful than anyone. And he also declares the trusted KJV Bible is confusing. But the NIV, NASB and many more like them as well as his soon to be rewritten Bible based on Paganism is much easier to understand. And because he believes everyone under his guidance are so stupid, they must follow his guidance so as to make it home to Heaven because without his help they will go to hell.

This Pope more than any Pope in history has perfectly defined the term, Babylon!

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