47864C5600000578-5206311-Trump_signed_his_tax_cut_bill_on_Friday_morning_in_the_Oval_Offi-a-60_1513963912394Trump signed it! It is now law!

Have you seen my “Image of the Beast” page on my website that’s been up there almost from the very start of the site? That page grew over the years with every new political event surrounding the prophesied 501c3. If you go to that page you will see I also made many videos on this long prophesied event. But with the posting of the page, every update to the page, and every video made and then placed on the page, at each new posting I was ridiculed and declared in error by all SDA preachers regarding how in order to get the 501c3 contract you must join your church with the second beast of Revelation so as to create an image to the first beast in Rome.  

But now notice this.. And no I am not going to rehash all that I stated in those videos because quite frankly, I am getting tired of repeating myself on how obvious this all was from day one. As expected, even though Trump said he would repeal the Johnson amendment, we knew he never could because Christian prophecy cannot be changed by mankind. But as also expected, it appears he either rewrote it, or all of us missed something that’s been in the law all along, or the 501c3 pastors kept it hidden due how shameful this all is.

Senator James Lankford (R-Okla) literally stated “Nonprofits (501c3’s) are allowed to lobby Congress or their local elected officials…” (Source) And the heading on page 424 of the brand new Tax Reform just signed into law this morning now states that “Section 501(c)(3) organizations permitted to make statements relating to political campaign in ordinary course of activities in carrying out exempt purpose”

Now I’m no lawyer, but what the Senator said and what we see in the law now seems rather obvious. It’s as I’ve been saying for years. The image is alive but only the multimillionaire pastors with government connections always seem to get away with making political statements from the pulpits. Most of the other pastors are just too fearful to do so because of all the legal jargon confusing them and at the same time they’re refuse to pay a lawyer to look into the contract they signed in the first place. The option to endorse a candidate or campaign is off the table for now yes. But they don’t really need that anyway. Common sense dictates politicians don’t want them to have that power because it would prevent some of them from gaining office. But once in office they most assuredly want the money the pastors offer them during the lobbying process. And besides, prophecy never said the pastors would endorse candidates. Revelation 13:15 only said they would be allowed to lobby religious law.

In these last days it has become apparent that the Christians have a real problem with the many blind preachers of filthy lucre who refuse to do the right thing. Basic reality is, and as I have alluded to for decades; just because the law wasn’t officially passed yet, and was only being discussed by politicians or even played with via executive orders or even passed as Bills a few times; the so called teachers of prophecy in bed with the second beast were so disobedient to the Lord that gives them utterance to see His prophetic Word that they couldn’t see that the prophecy was already fulfilled!

The fact the Government of the USA was taking about such things that were outlined word for word in the Scripture thousands of years ago proved it was already a done deal. You can’t evade the fact that Christian prophecy is that accurate! But because of disobedience to the Lord, these so called men of the cloth kept hanging onto their self-inspired thread of self-deception in the hopes the Bill would never pass making students of prophecy appear to be in error so their guilt in keeping their precious 501c3 would dissipate while at the same time declaring it is not a fulfillment of the prophecy regarding them actually building an image to the beast in Rome. Which is implied as their duty in the 501c3 contract the very moment they signed it.

Me thinks there are a lot of pastors, preachers and teachers in the SDA church that need to step down and back away from that pulpit. No I don’t expect they will of course. But one can expect their churches and schools are going to see yet another exodus even more obvious than the one that started a few decades ago. (For more information regarding the fallen SDA church, visit www.SDAapostasy.org)

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