NEWS-FakeNewsI came across a video yesterday that I just had to post immediately. For those of you that still believe the News you get on Independent Websites and Social Media are fake news. Check out how the REAL FAKE NEWS outlets are responding in this video! Not only is this laughable! It makes our job that much easier.

Click here for the video:  
Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days: 
VIDEO: Trudeau wants to defend the LGBT community regardless of what religious groups think * VIDEO: Leak: Terrorist attack could be coordinated on Facebook * ‘Predatory’ Romanian Migrant Raped Homeless Woman in Front of Passersby * Police: Man Exposes Himself to a Child in Chicago Target Store Women’s Pedophile enabling Bathroom * Facebook ‘ugly truth’ memo triggers new firestorm over ethics * VIDEO: Dem Sen Coons: ‘Facebook May Well Be Exploiting Our Positive Views of Its Capacities’ * AUDIO: Peter Schweizer on the Masters of the Universe: ‘Google Is Editing What People See and Don’t See’ * FYI: VIDEO: How to stop Google from collecting your info * 4-H LGBTQ: Transgender revolution in rural America * ROTFL! Shocking science conclusion: Universe shouldn’t exist * Google-Facebook control of speech is threat to nation * People’s eyes are bleeding after they take synthetic ‘weed’ called spice, Illinois officials say * FYI: VIDEO: Hudson’s Bay confirms data breach affecting Saks, Lord & Taylor customers * These companies and celebrities are done with Facebook * Facebook needs ‘a few years‘ to fix problems: Zuckerberg * FYI: VIDEO: Woman Finds Epidural Needle in Her Spine 14 Years After Giving Birth: ‘I’m Angry and Scared’ * VIDEO: ROman Catholic UN Chief on Climate Change * Roman Catholic Ireland by 73% plans to legalize abortion on May 25? * VIDEO: US plans to add social media screening to visa applications * VIDEO: Chemtrails Testimonials from Pilots, Doctors, Scientists, Meteorologists, Neurologists and More * VIDEO: Muslim Parents pour hot oil on 16yo girl for rejecting forced marriage in US * VIDEO: Alton Sterling case: Body camera shows officer threatened to shoot within seconds * FDA announced that vaccines are causing autism


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