NEWS-GoogleProphetsYes, I know I said in the video I posted on all this Wednesday evening that I wasn’t going to post a blog entry on it. But the comment section on YouTube warrants it. That way I can just point to the links proving truth in the hopes of slowing the comment storm.

In the video I share something that most won’t believe and I did it all on screen so they can see it for themselves before Google removed it (AND THEY DID remove it yesterday) Check it out the article that originated all this here. In the video I show how if you type “dog” 19 times (preferably in notepad first and then pasted in) you will see Google translate using “Mauri” as the originating language that they hid a statement regarding the return of Jesus. (Well.. “their” version of Jesus that is)  

And so as I said in the video, do you wonder why this is happening? Besides the fact that most heavy into the occult know why the word “dog” is being used here, we all know just how evil the ones running Google really are just by looking at their logo. Many of us also know about the many false prophets that are to come forth in our day making all sorts strange predictions as well as preaching another Jesus unto the masses. But this is par for the course. The elite behind the doors in Google are all too happy to declare Satan their Christ and so they will happily announce his arrival even in very minuscule ways. We know Google is totally Antichristian, hence the reason they have been censoring my website for years while at the same time promoting the many false prophets in all the fallen churches of the world. In any event, just thought my subscribers would like to see this and so.. I shared it.

For those of you on YouTube that keep sharing verses regarding a secret rapture, please click here for ALL the verses that touch on this. I don’t blame you for sharing those verses out of context, but as I have stated many times before, the blame falls upon the wolves standing on the pulpits. Still, you do have some blame here because if you refuse to open your Bible and double check your pastors as the Bereans of old did, then YOU are to blame when the promised wrath of God falls upon you.

Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days:
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