“Bre Kidman unveiled a new campaign logo last week: a guillotine, the execution apparatus commonly associated with the French Revolution that was used for the beheadings of King Louis XVI and his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette. But fear not, Kidman, who hopes to challenge Republican Sen. Susan Collins in November, says using an image of the deadly device in campaign materials is not meant to be taken literally.” –Source

If it’s not meant to be taken literally, then why use it? The guillotine isn’t designed to chop and prepare salads nor is it a known political logo or statement. It’s designed to kill people. And according to Christian prophecy it will be used to kill many Christians that refuse the mark of the beast in Rome in the very near future. As for this woman actually being elected to the office of Senate, no I doubt that will happen. But then most doubted AOC would make it either. So time will tell.

Many years ago I did a radio broadcast about 30,000 guillotines that are in storage in the USA ready and waiting for the proper time to bring them out of mothballs. Many laughed, and many preachers who are nothing more than bought and paid for Government agents under the 501c3 image of the beast contract also laughed and declared me a conspiracy theorist. Yes, I said they were preachers; but they are not Bible believing preachers by any stretch of the imagination. For Revelation 20:4 is quite plainly written so as to make the prophesied event regarding beheading Christians that refuse the mark quite easy to see.

These preachers have been outed as “government agents” as President Bush called them back in March of 2006 when he signed the 501c3 into an enforced Executive Order to help the preachers of filthy lucre avoid IRS harassment, which as we know later became permanent law on December 02, 2017 under President Trump.

These wolves in sheep’s clothing masquerading as Christian pastors, preachers and evangelists are doing exactly as prophecy said they would do in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 when it comes to their “peace and safety” sermons. They are saying that the Bible prophecy regarding the beheading of Christians that refuse to receive the soon to be enforced mark of the beast is all a lie just as Satan would have them do for him and his man of sin in Rome. Yet not only have we seen much talk of using guillotines by college professors and politicians, we have also seen guillotines literally being written into Obamacare over the last few years alone. And now see a candidate for the U.S. Senate using a guillotine as a logo in her campaign for Senate.

These types of images and talking points abound for a reason no matter how minuscule some may think it is. Just as the powers that be slowly but surely started echoing Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler’s “New World Order” agenda over the years to where we now see them openly talking about it as the norm when not too long ago they denied it. And so it’s no wonder the same talking points for the long prophesied guillotine are now on their lips.

No, I am not saying they are going to roll out the guillotines next week. What I am saying is that the talk and normalizing of the guillotine has become more and more apparent in politics so as to bring it to the long prophesied expected end.

When you compile all that talk about guillotines with the end time prophecies that have come to fulfillment right before our eyes proving we are living in the last days wherein the guillotines are slated to be rolled out soon; and the fact the candidate that is now using the guillotine as her campaign logo is a lesbian, of which we all know the LGBTQ community openly hates Christians, we can see this is no longer a laughing matter. It’s a prophesied fact.

UPDATED: 02-19-20

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