For students of prophecy, we know that the timing is right for the Pope to begin to flex. As we see all the hype in the media designed to cultivate fear in the hearts of man just as prophecy predicted in Luke 21:26, we now see the Pope doing just as expected so as to cultivate more fear while at the same time make himself appear as the only answer to the world’s problems. In fact, students of prophecy have been warning people about this for decades. And so, the long prophesied climate change agenda will merge into this Covid-19 PLANNEDemic and all that is set up via the global hype will be used in the climate change agenda wherein they demand all bow to the Pope’s admitted mark as a way to stop the calamities. Seriously, Obama just yesterday said that the Covid-19 problem is all due to Climate Change! Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!

When you watch this video of the Pope playing his long prophesied bit part of being puffed up as the world’s moral authority just as prophecy dictated will happen after the wound was healed, notice the hands he is shaking on camera as well as all the purposely selected people that are praising him on camera as if he is a godly man. All these people are multimillionaires as well as corrupt political leaders from around the world and they have all bowed in worship of the Pope all along because they know to do otherwise would mean political suicide as well as financial suicide for those in the so called “entertainment” industry.

Regardless of the oath this Pope took wherein he promised to “hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race.” This Pope’s history of all sorts of antichristian statements and actions shows him to be the ultimate man of sin. Yes, all of the Popes carry this title, but to be a Pope as well as a Jesuit puts that definition in letter etched in fire. But then that is to be expected this close to the end of days.

The Vatican’s constant display of dirty laundry in the public eye, and their association with like-minded adulterers, pedophiles, and elected homosexuals in high office, how is it mankind has come so far in modern times as to actually believe the Vatican is to be trusted when it comes to morality in any sense of the word? Have we forgotten their well-documented and quite blood curdling history? Apparently the powers that be either have done just that, or they are simply looking the other way for political gain.

I am happy to say, and this is only because I look forward to our Lord’s arrival, that this is a rather bold time stamp exposing the days we live in. In other words, their actions prove we are in the last days, and nearer to the end when we see those that claim to be religious leaders, “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” (Romans 1:32)

Everyone from politicians to church pastors have within the last 91 years (since the prophesied wound started to heal) been approached by the Vatican with armfuls of delicious “golden carrots” to dangle before the eyes of the greedy. Everything from riches and fame, to immense political power have allowed Catholicism to easily spread her errors across the globe. As prophesied, they do so in the name of Christianity so as to make Christianity appear evil. Don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim as to why they hate Christians. They will tell you it’s because of what the Catholic church did to them during the crusades. Problem is, Catholicism IS NOT Christianity. But those that don’t read Bibles wouldn’t know that. They, just like billions of sheeple that believe whatever the media says about things like the current “PLANNEDemic” that if researched out can easily be seen as political theater. Rome has always relied on disinformation to spread her lies. Hence the reason she is called the Babylonian Harlot.  Apostasy is what they were prophesied to embrace and proclaim and that is what all of us have seen with our own eyes. The Bible says do it this way, Rome says no, do it their way.

Worse yet, as we have seen time and time again, when one of their own priests are caught up in a graphically sinful lifestyle, they not only defend them as highly respected members of the Christian community, they seek the approval of the highest and most immoral entity ever known to man as if to say this will somehow justify their sinful acts while at the same time proclaim their innocence. And when that spin on the truth shows signs of fading away, they move the priest to a different church so as to hide him as well as grant him a fresh crop of children to molest.

Regardless of who, what, when, where or why the author of the Times Online article thought to wax prophetic years ago when he made the following statement makes no difference. What he said about the Vatican is what most will find oxymoronic to say the least. He said, “Support from Catholic voters is crucial to any Italian government. The Pope is a global figure, with huge moral authority:” (-Times Online 09-02-09) And so is it any wonder the Vatican just today put out a video during all this PLANNEDemic talk around the World? The video claims that Pope Francis a moral authority so as to lure all the people that refuse to read Bibles into his camp and under his control and.. are you sitting down? IT WILL WORK! You cannot change Christian prophecy.

When speaking of the time directly before the return of our Lord and Saviour, prophecy declares in Revelation 13:3 that “…all the world wondered after the beast.” When we see reporters that have taken years of Journalistic courses and no doubt awarded all sorts of degrees from their college of choice for their well-educated abilities to research and report on a range of topics; a task no doubt riddled with many a romp down miles of aisles containing historical documents dripping with all sorts of decadence, murder, rape, occultism and mayhem of the Roman Catholic Vatican, I have to wonder why they still, (due to fear of reproach and loss of mammon) most will still stand up with chest thrown out in the most proudest stance they can muster to proclaim the Pope is a “huge moral authority” on earth. For again, if they refuse to do so, they will be jobless. Or.. dead.

With that said, I would like to take a stroll down memory lane as well. But with nothing more than truth by my side. What does history say about this “huge moral authority” in Rome? For fear of being redundant, I won’t share what most already know about the Pope’s history of killing 500 million Christians, destroying many nations, acts of genocide, invention of Nazism wherein their Roman Catholic emperor Adolph Hitler did their bidding, and of course the failed coverup of their contribution to the AIDS crisis wherein Roman Catholic priests were dying of AIDS 11 times greater than any other group on earth or even their now bold ennoblement of their long prophesied homosexual agenda. And of course not to mentioned the hundreds of thousands of raped and murdered children to their infamy. I will only share a few of the headlines from literally millions of articles out there regarding Vatican prelates most recent “moral” activity. (Sorry.. all the links were “broken” one day. But you can find each article using a search engine)

Priest Sentenced to Prison for Making DrugsJesuits helped start two world wars
Be A Catholic Or Face Jail In MexicoVatican Says No Peace Until Israel Quits Territories
Priest says Jews and Muslims go to HeavenMore Muslims Than Christians to Attend Papal Mass
Nazi connection of Franciscan Order uncoveredChurch Apologizes for 1941 Massacre of Jews
Vatican accused on modern ‘inquisition’Papers reveal Nazi aim: End Christianity
Vatican Bank Top 10 Money Laundering DestinationLast two popes embrace and preach evolution is truth
Vatican scholars prepare to rewrite the BiblePope John  Paul II identifies himself as ‘The Sweet Christ’
Satanism discovered in VaticanCatholic priest downloaded gay porn images
Bishops Say No to Evangelizing JewsPriest poses nude for charity
News of Animal Sacrifice in the Catholic MassAnti-Catholic Radio announcer gunned down and killed
Pope urged to apologize for Vatican castrationsUS nuns for hire in ‘pray for pay’ deal
Miami Priest Arrested in Prostitution StingNuns’ order in secret payouts

Keep in mind, the above headlines come from just one page on my site that I stopped updating many years ago. I didn’t pull any headlines from the other article archives I have on the site, nor any of the Newsletters, or any of the pages that discuss certain atrocities in the Vatican. Nor did I search out the millions of articles online at this time. Nor did I search YouTube’s massive pile of evidence against Rome. The above list is from a comparatively small page on my site that holds just a few hundred articles. These were the worst of the worst.

This is why the Presents of God ministry website presently has well over 15,000 printed pages. (as of 03-31-20) I don’t create pages to make the site massive because I’m bored with life. I am merely exposing the Antichrist on a daily basis as more dirt comes in. One thing about this work is, I am never at a loss for new information to report on. The Vatican is a gold mine of prophetic information proving that every prophecy that has ever been uttered regarding the antics and agenda of Antichrist have now been proven beyond the slightest doubt to have been fulfilled by the Popes and prelates of the Roman Catholic church. Yet the world now looks at this church as a “huge moral authority?” All I can say is, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” -Isaiah 5:20

By the way, check out the stack of 90 videos I made about Pope Francis and his pontificate alone. (see all my videos here – see the BANNED ones here) And they declare this man to be godly and a “huge moral authority?”

UPDATED: 04-06-20

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