There are many prophecies in the Word of God that define who the man of sin is, as well as his plans as a multi-body Antichrist. I say multi-body because every Pope since the start of the prophesied Church & State kingdom that the prophet Daniel called diverse (Daniel 7:23) started in 538AD; each and every Pope has embraced and actually fulfilled the prophecies regarding the actions of Antichrist in History. For those of you that haven’t seen my videos on this, see my Characteristics of Antichrist page for 26 of the most easy to see prophecies matched to historic records in detail as well as some videos for those of you that don’t like reading.

I see no need to define this long prophesied beast in Rome as I have done and overdone that many times over. In fact, the current events in modern society that have a prophetic ring to them have made it quite easy for me to keep my blog up to date as well as numerous pages on the site that cover everything from the antics of the Jesuit Pope to his long expected promotion of homosexuality as the norm so as to make it that much easier to publicly soften the abominable fruits of the prelates in Rome who have recently been outed as 98% homosexual as well as doing all they can to normalize the Vatican homosexual brothels so they come off as no big deal.

And so, many of those prophesied fruits of the seven hilled city in Rome have been somewhat hidden from the general public due to their ability to spin-doctor all of it under the rug as well as re-write Bibles to prevent their flock from finding out just how disgusting these men are that dress all in black as does the Satanist to all in scarlet as per prophetic facts regarding the house of Antichrist. But thanks to the fact we are in the very last days, and not too many years from the enforcement of the mark of the beast, many people are finally starting to wake up to how demonic this system is in Rome.

For example. Prophecy said long ago that this beast in Rome would need to set up a one world church, a one world government and a one world court system to give that global beast the necessary teeth it needs to be able to chomp down on any dissension against it. And so these three prophecies are now easily seen by even the scoffer today. And especially now-a-days after nearly 2 months of dealing with this falsified planned-demic lock down in most cities around the world.

And so to make it easier to see what even a student in prophecy now sees; Daniel said this beast in Rome that has no desire for women would need to gather all the nations of the world under her scarlet colored robe so as to have the power it needs to enforce a mark in every nation on earth. We all just witnessed how every nation, with the exception of a few that are about to either go to war or have their leaders assassinated, all nations agreed to promote a pandemic without even a fraction of what it means to even use the term pandemic. As well promoting a virus that yes, does kill some people, but nowhere near the numbers of a common flu. As I stated in a previous blog as well as an online YouTube stream, the one world government, its roman International court system has been more or less open for business since the Club of Rome was formed in 1968. But now that all the weak leaders have either caved or been replaced over the years with assassinations, wars and forced compliance, not to mention how all the constitutions have been changed and all the churches have bowed and even agreed to send tithing to the Pope who is the prophesied and now fulfilled elected leader of all these churches, it is now obvious everything is set in place for their next step.

What is their next step you ask? Satan knows the next major event to happen is the outpouring of the Latter Rain which then brings power unto the Loud Cry that exposes the truth about the man of sin and his mark in ways no one alive on this planet can disagree with. The message that is soon to go forth when the Pope uses all the locked down abilities, constitutional changes and tracking methods so as to enforce climate change with religious laws he claims will stop the disasters brought on by climate change, he will do all that we saw during the faked planned-demic to as to try and slow the last message of warning regarding the mark of the beast. This message will be understood as clear as day by every denomination, be they Sunday keeping or Sabbath keeping Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and even Satanists and Atheists, all will understand with perfect clarity that this final message is true, because it was prophesied to be that crystal clear once it goes out.

That is why Rome has been working with Google and all Governments to remove dissension as well as free speech the last few decades. They know they cannot hide what’s already happening and especially what’s soon to happen when the Loud Cry gets very loud. The next best thing for them is to try and stop people from finding out. This is why social distancing and lock down orders are being tested right now so that when the obedient remnant people finally do go forth, the enemy of souls hopes we will have a difficult time spreading the message to bring people out of the apostate religions and into the safety of Christ’s arms.

Satan needs to keep his victims in his charred trophy case. But the God of the Bible who declared thousands of years ago that all that has led up to what’s happening now was to happen exactly as we all just witnessed.

The Great God of the Bible is not one to be caught off guard. The message will go out no matter how many laws are passed to try and stop it. Remember Acts 5:29? The powers that be tried to stop the Gospel from going out 2000 years ago. But as we see, they were unable to do that no matter how hard they tried.

The people who have a heart for the truth and the God that wrote it will hear His truth, understand it clearly and come out of the fallen churches. Then Satan will appear claiming to be Jesus Christ, the mark will be enforced, the plagues will fall and the eastern sky will then rip wide open to expose the fake Jesus via the real Jesus Christ who will then put an end to it all! MARANATHA!

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