First and foremost, notice the pic on the left. Even the secular world sees this now. This means that we were 100% right! The Covid-19 PLANNED-demic was nothing more than a test that will bring on the Pope’s prophesied climate change agenda to enforce the mark of the beast! What’s so sad is that I know of not a single SDA leader who saw this coming. In fact, the SDA President said on camera that Sunday laws are not in the pipeline!

Please keep the dear SDA people in prayer. As prophesied in Scripture and SOP, their leaders are leading them away from Christ. (Email me for the proof)

But at the same time, I praise the Lord brothers and sisters! We are in the home stretch. All we need to do now is make our paths straight for the coming of the Lord.  And so, please study the Word each and every day now and pray morning, mid-day and night so as to be blessed with the promised refreshing of the Latter Rain so as to have the words needed to open the eyes of many the Lord will send your way that need to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

I must say that as I see all that’s happening in the world and especially when I see the misguided people from all walks of life worrying and getting unnecessarily scared, (as prophesied) it cultivates a burden in my heart to calm their fears by telling them it’s going to be ok if they just realize what they’re looking at. The promised peace of Jesus will make all anxiety drift away.

All of what you’re seeing is exactly as it should be when it comes to the end time prophecies that are supposed to happen directly before Jesus returns. This is a joyous time! And as also prophesied in 1 Thessalonians 5:3, the lies about climate change is nothing more than a smokescreen of “peace and safety” that we all know ends in the “sudden destruction” upon those that refuse to believe that which was prophesied to happen thousands of years ago.

The coming climate change methods to enforce more unjust laws is what was expected of them if that which they plan is ever to work. This PLANNED-demic is nothing more than a testing stage to make sure all is set in place for when the Pope demands all keep Sunday holy. This is why I declared over 2 weeks ago that what we’re seeing is our 66AD in preparation for the proverbial 70AD.This is also why I declared last week that you can not trust the 501c3 pastors and preachers. They’re ALL in on it!

Everything you see happening has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with the return of Jesus Christ. See many videos and more conforming all this.

Now yes, some won’t believe out of spiritual blindness and some won’t even like to hear that the world is soon to end out of abject fear. But that won’t change the fact that these prophecies have been fulfilled. That’s why I believe it is so easy for obedient Christians to trust in Jesus now because all the doubts cultivated by lying preachers about end time events are gone. We now know exactly what we’re looking at.

It is true that most people don’t want to believe the end is extremely close but hopefully, if we share the prophecies in the order they were given with the proof to back it all up that they have been fulfilled, then maybe some will finally come to realize that the end times were prophesied and it’s much clearer now that we are indeed in the last generation.

None of us can control when we were born. That’s up to the Lord to decide and all of us, 100% of every person alive today were picked by the God of the Bible to live in these days. He allowed YOU to be alive now because you can help others see what you see.

But for those that don’t want to hear it. You can be in denial all you want, but there is no getting around what’s happening right now before every eye that can see. In fact, even the Atheist and the scoffers are beginning to realize that maybe those Christians were telling the truth.

In any event, as I was in prayer yesterday morning the Lord moved me to make a summarized list of prophetic events that led up to our day including those events that have been fulfilled in our day as well as some that are about to be fulfilled in the coming days. I pray this summarized timeline of events is all it takes to bring some to their knees to proclaim that which the obedient people have been declaring for decades. One simple word.. Maranatha!




(* This has begun)

2 Chronicles 7:14  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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UPDATED: 04-29-20

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