For decades the true remnant people have been warning as many as possible that it’s time to get out of the cities. We have also been warning people that all sorts of articles and videos in the main stream media have been talking about religious laws and some even declare the need for Sunday laws. And as expected, next to no one listens to the prophesied remnant people who will be small in number. Who also because of obedience have been sounding the warning that none in the Protestant or even the SDA churches have been warning the people of.

Take the SDA church as a perfect example in this as they were the slated 9th hour church prophesied to understand prophecy in their day. We in the SDR church have been warning people for decades to get out of the cities; yet all the SDA ministers were mute during this time. And just recently after it became so obvious the warning we shared was dead on and truly a warning from the Lord, only now do we see some of the 501c3 government approved preachers like Steve Wohlberg putting out videos with “practical steps to leaving the cities.” This is very dangerous in that if the people of God wait until after an easy to see prophesied event fulfills to take action, the people in their churches will not be ready when the other prophecy events fulfill.

Take the Pope’ climate change agenda for another example. Most if not all the churches agree with the Pope and none of them see this for what it is. They all think the natural disasters and strange weather have to do with CO2 in the air, even though 31,487 Scientist say otherwise, and the Bible prophecies prove, all the strange weather, bloody waters and animal, bird, fish and insect die offs have nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with the prophesied events that occur directly before Jesus returns.

I know of many obedient Christians who heeded the warnings years ago and have left the cities who are now safe and sound. Some just left last year and now like all the rest have confirmation their decision to leave the cities was prophetically wise. And no, I am not saying martial law is here and the people in the cities are in grave danger right now. But I am saying we now have tons of proof that what’s been happening in this global PLANNED-demic is actually what prophecy said will happen. (See a few of my past blog entries)  And martial law will come soon. As I stated all along on this page and recently posted in a blog entry, Covid-19 is our 66AD. But none of the 501c3 preachers saw it coming until it hit them square in the face.

That all being said; do you really want to be in a church or under the pastoral leadership of apostate leaders who are in open sin when it comes to how they joined their churches and ministries with the state? Because of their sinfulness they have clearly missed the easiest prophecy to see regarding the image of the beast. They missed this and many other important prophetic events the last few decades because they cannot understand basic prophecy unless they obey the God that wrote it. And when they bowed in worship to the money they can get for incorporating their church or ministry with the second beast of Revelation so as to create the image of the beast in Rome, the Lord stepped away from them because they decided to be preachers of filthy lucre instead of preachers of righteousness.

If you stay in a church that is apostate you will not be able to protect yourself or your family from what’s coming. And the biggest issue in all this that will hit all of them, preachers and pew warmers alike square in the face is of course the wrath of a holy God. The “remnant of her seed” has been warning people for decades to get out of the cities but most ignored us because we don’t bow to filthy lucre and spend millions of dollars on expensive airtime or graphic designers to edit and encode our videos. In fact we don’t even ask for donations. We only pray for them. And because we don’t have all the worldly bells and whistles the TV preachers do, most ignore the basic and prophetic truth we present. We don’t have even a fraction of the tens of millions some in church leadership have across all denominations, including the SDA leaders. Yet, the Lord blesses our efforts and faithful souls find the Lord.

Soon many will discover too late that trusting their apostate leaders over and above the written Word of God and the unedited Spirit of Prophecy truths that probation has closed upon them. Seriously, if your pastor is a 501c3 government agent (as President Bush called them on March 07, 2006 (Fast Forward to 22:00 ) then he will not hear the voice of the Lord as to what He would have His people and your families hear and embrace as truth before it’s too late.

In 66AD the people of God had the information in time to escape danger. 70AD came quickly, but not a single obedient Christian was among the dead that day. And so think about that for a moment. Back to my original example as to apostate leaders. The SDA President Ted Wilson literally stated on camera that “there is nothing in the pipeline” when it comes to Sunday laws. Yet we have thousands of articles and videos that say otherwise.

And so just as the apostate leaders didn’t see any issues with living in the cities until the long expected PLANNED-demic arrived, the SDA leader in the General Conference is moving all of his flock to be unready so that when Sunday laws finally do come, no one in the SDA churches will be ready. Because the Covid-19 PLANNED-demic is the 66AD they missed. What all the nations just did in unison as a one world government under the leadership of the Pope was exactly what they needed to do so that when the proverbial 70AD comes in our day, or Sunday laws as our end time prophetic warning calls it, there will be no more practice runs because what we all just witnessed is the practice run. Sure, they will continue to chip away at liberties and freedoms because they know they can use to hyped up coronavirus to cultivate fear in the same way they have been using the hyped up terrorist agenda for decades. You do remember all the freedoms lost after 911 right?

Bottom line is. If you want to be ready for the return of Christ and the last few prophecies that are yet to fulfill that open the eastern sky for His arrival, you need to study the Word of God daily, pray as did the patriarchs and prophets, which is three times a day and then you will be blessed with the chance to shout out loud to all that which was penned in Isaiah 25:9 “Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the LORD; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation.”

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