If you have eyes that see, and you remember what’s happening in November of this year, then you agree with the title. Now yes, all the nations are keeping quiet about this as they don’t want the public to know they are all guinea pigs in their NWO test pattern they call the Covid-19 Pandemic. But, in a world wherein the norm has been for 6000 years that never have we seen all nations agreeing with each other, and yes that is exactly how Daniel shared in his prophecy regarding the ten toes that were iron and clay mixed, never before in the past or in modern history have all the nations agreed to do something in unison until they finally found a way to do so without showing their hand right off.

Why is it important to prevent all these nations from being outed as in agreement with the one world government at present? It’s because of who is running things in the background. The Pope was elected the “unofficial” leader of the one world government in September of 2000. But because Muslims mistakenly (and as planned) think the Pope is a Christian as do Buddhists and Jews just to name a few. The Pope needed the long prophesied ecumenical charge to be offered in a way that openly embraces Muslims as brothersAtheists as heaven bound and homosexuals as an accepted lifestyle just to name a few. But it obviously wasn’t enough for some and so as we all learned last week. And so, the Pope started dropping titles like “Vicar of Christ” so as to move them all into accepting him as the “moral authority on earth.” If you recall, he tried that position in 2009 but failed and so as is obvious he has been very busy since then mending fences. And it’s working!

Have you seen how a religio/political mindset is being fostered in the media lately? And especially after the so called pandemic? It is no mistake that during the planned-demic of Covid-19 the Pope makes the announcement that he is no longer the “Vicar of Christ.” But then according to my Bible, he never was. However he knows only the obedient remnant will out him in this respect, and as we know he doesn’t see the Bible studying remnant people as a threat any more than Goliath saw David as a threat. And it is here we WILL see our Lord’s hand move quite boldly in the coming days and especially when those plagues start!

Now.. since most are at home not working and you have some free time, take some time to look around for a moment and tell me what you see when it comes to this PLANNEDemic. Click here for a global map of nations that are bowing to the Covid-19 pandemic lock downs as we speak. Notice the ones that are not doing it yet.

What I mean is; float your mouse cursor over North Korea. Even though China is just above it with supposedly 82,000 cases and Japan directly under them with 6000 cases, North Korea shows no cases reported. And so, watch what happens in the coming days with North Korea or any other nation refusing to do as all the others under Rome’s thumb are doing. And yes, this why the American media recently declared North Korea is back to doing nuclear missile tests. Some of these “non-reporting” nations will eventually have to bow due to political pressures. But the ones that refuse I am sure they will either see government officials dying off as we saw in Iran wherein 9 leaders supposedly died of the virus. Or they will go to war. This “virus” is the perfect way to assassinate political leaders without panicking the citizens. And so, if those nations that refuse to follow the lead of all the Pope’s Herods the world over, they will either be assassinated and replaced or a war will suddenly break out forcing a change of leadership.

In any event, the prophecy is clear. The one world government is here. This Covid-19 PLANNEDemic is nothing more than political theater that allows them to test their long prophesied unification towards a one world government. They will soon declare their unification as globally viable when the mark is enforced first in the USA and then enforced in every other nation on earth. All you’re seeing now with the Covid-19 PLANNEDemic is there way of making sure everything is in place to do just that.


Every business and this includes the small ones as well as the big box stores are being forced to comply to more and more lock down measures. Why are they doing this? If they don’t when it comes time to enforce the mark of the beast they won’t have every business in agreement. I called the other day to ask some businesses in a very small town near me to ask why they’re closed hoping to find out if it was voluntary or by force and they said the Governor of the state sent them registered letters demanding they close their doors.

Every prophecy that speaks of the return of Christ up to this time in historic record HAVE BEEN FULFILLED. This much we know. There are very few prophecies left to be fulfilled. Don’t let the prophesied wolves who shout “peace and safety” fool you. Jesus Christ is your Creator and He loves you enough to warn you well in advance of danger so you can prepare. This Covid-19 is in fact our 66AD warning. That is why so many now agree that Christian prophecy is so accurate.

The Pope and his cohorts tell you all that’s happening in the world is the end result of climate change, and as expected the Pope is already linking the Covid-19 PLANNEDemic with climate change as we speak. But these changes in the climate, the earthquakes, the bloody rivers and black ocean waters, the dead animals, birds, insects and fish as well as volcanic activity and many new diseases just to name a few, all of this has nothing to do with climate change at all. All of it is exactly what Jesus prophesied will happen directly before He returns!

And so, when will it all end with the lock downs in the USA? It will end when 100% of every big and small business in every state is in agreement to do as demanded by their governors. And then the lock-down will cease. No we will never get all our freedoms back as we saw after 911. But watch and see how the people won’t care about losing more of their freedoms as long as they can get somewhat back to normal. They want out of their homes and they will surrender some freedom to get there. It is then the government will shuffle some papers for a little while, they will pass more unjust laws as prophesied so as to be ready for when it’s time to demand every business and every citizen agrees to keep Sunday holy to stop the natural disasters. Don’t believe me? Click here for many videos, articles and a rather in depth look into all that’s been going on the last decade or so. They did it stealthily and took their time knowing the people will not notice what they’re up to as long as they keep them entertained by Hollywood, Sports and political theater that keeps them in the dark.

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UPDATED 04-15-20

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