For those digging a tad deeper into all this, the first and more obvious picture here is that it’s all political theater designed to make Trump look bad so as to allow the Democrats to win in the next election. They fear Trump really is draining the swamp. Everyone from Obama himself to bought and paid for lobbyists are now being investigated. This is why we saw the bogus impeachment proceedings for years and then the Covid 19 the last few months and now the riots ; and yes, this is why we saw all those tanks moving to every major city months ago. In fact, it has already been suggested that ‘this isn’t a protest anymore, this is a coup.’ Basic reality here is this. Trump is a republican that the left hates with a passion; and that is why only cities run by Democrats have the riots. They are doing all they can to get him out of office to stop the investigations. But they can only do so where they have the power. Sadly, that entails many people in many states.

But the big picture is what almost everyone is really missing here. Satan knows his time is short. He has announced via his pawns in the United Nations that he wants his one world government by 2030 because even though he doesn’t know the day or the hour of Christ’s return, he can know the season. But then so can we. All the prophecies that were to fulfill by now have been fulfilled except a few that already have their foundations set in stone. (Scroll to the right on the timeline)

And so the dying god of this world uses the same bag of tricks as he did the last 6000 years. He uses FEAR! But if you notice, the fear started in the hearts of the political leaders first. But then that’s fitting as Satan needs them to do as he plans. He injects fear into the 535 members of Congress to make them fearful that 330 million people in America are about to swarm DC and take them out. And since Satan has control over them for the most part, he moves them to work towards his long desired one world government wherein he can get all his pawns to surround God’s obedient people worldwide right before Jesus returns with the hopes of either tempting us into his camp, or just plain killing us to make his final work easier.

Jesus is soon to come. All the signs are obvious. That is why the peace and safety lie has been put forth by the Pope and those that follow his lead wherein they claim Jesus isn’t coming back soon, all that you see happening is due to climate change instead. And as Satan has them focus there, he then kicks up their efforts by demanding a one world government by 2030. Satan fears what he sees in the prophecies as well as what he sees happening in the heavens regarding the final and more visual signs. That is why the Vatican has a telescope names “Lucifer” focused on the Orion Nebula as we speak.

And so, Covid-19 was born so as to have a tried and tested means towards his true agenda of Sunday laws being enforced to stop climate change. But getting this all done in 9.5 years means he needs to speed things up in a big way and so this is why after months of lock downs which he designed to destroy businesses, careers, and even kill loved ones without so much as a chance to sit at the bedside of their family member as they die in an “empty hospital” or even hold a funeral for them. The enemy of souls knows all this fear-mongering and unjust laws has brought the people to the breaking point because for the most part they have been allowing him to control them all along anyway. He has absolute permission to be in their lives via their embrace of his violent movies, music and video games as well as their alcohol and drug addictions bringing their brains to a feverish and confused mindset wherein fear is easily injected. And as we all just saw, Satan then manipulated another government worker right when the time was right; in this case a police officer, to openly murder a man on camera.

But there needs to be even more fear pumped into the hearts of man because that is exactly what was prophesied. (See Luke 21:26) He needs national control per every individual if this is going to work. And so, to make sure this gets so far out of hand wherein he can lock the entire nation down will martial law that will easily bring about a socialist format in the USA making it very easy to enforce the mark, he gets the riots to break out in the cities forcing the hand of big government. But some people are still too peaceful in how they protest and so the powers that be bus in over 80% of the protesters from out of state as they did before and they even shipped a large stacks of bricks for them to use in the riots to make them that much more effective.

It’s all designed to make Christians fearful! Think about it. Satan already has the nonbelievers in his camp. He doesn’t need to do all this for them. He already has them. In fact, they’re the ones throwing the bricks and lighting the fires. He desperately needs the Christians to forget the promised peace of Jesus Christ so as to make them his future trophies that join him in hellfire to die with him. And so don’t let the enemy of souls get to you brothers and sisters. You worship the Great God of Heaven. Satan fears Him and he literally flees in abject horror when you, an obedient Christian exercises your faith. James 4:7 says to “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

And so, as you look around at all that Satan is doing in our world right now, just remember the promise made by your Lord, Saviour and eternal King Jesus Christ, and you will have perfect peace. For He clearly stated in John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. And He also said in John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

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