Watch the video I posted below; and as you watch it, think about how they’re treating this woman who doesn’t have a mask on. All that we’re seeing with the planned-demic is how easily it has been to get the majority of the people to act out of fear regardless of all the facts that the numbers have been changed by fake news to make it all look much worse than it was, (The CDC admitted faking the numbers early ondoctors have been censored for proving it’s better not to be locked down for in so doing makes our immune systems even weaker and much more vulnerable to viruses and the masks cannot possibly prevent viruses from spreading at all. There’s much more that I can share on this but if you want more info on all this, see some of my recent blog entries jam packed with well sourced links on all this. (See these too)

My point is, all those that embraced the lies of the media are in large numbers now. And as prophesied in Luke 21:26 they are so fearful that this woman wandering into a store without a mask is attacked by them and forced to leave the store. Yet the facts have been shown many times over that this virus is weak and it kills less people that the regular flu. Many people have even been persecuted for simply stepping out of their homes for a few moments to get fresh air by their very own neighbors calling 911 on them and all of this was done without a single solitary legitimate law being passed to make any of it legal. Check this out…

Now, picture how this will play out in the coming days when all they tested during this planned-demic is put into action for the long prophesied reasons all this has happened and that same woman walks into a store without a sign or even a button of some sort on her body declaring she is in agreement with keeping the Pope’s Sunday Sabbath holy so as to stop the current calamities while at the same time stop the same type of lock downs we all just went through but this time they use climate change as the reason so as to save the planet.

This is why all that has happened the last few months. All of this was expected and even declared to happen by students of prophecy for decades now. Yet next to no one believes the Biblical facts because the fake news seems so much more believable to them. But if you’re one that can see what I’m talking about and you want the biblical inside info on what’s next? Watch the many videos posted on this page…

And yes, this is why they just announced a UNIVERSAL (Catholic) Sabbath on June 4th! (Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!)

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