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Man fires gun in Miami hotel because people weren’t social distancing
 “A South Florida man fired a gun at a Miami Beach hotel after police say he became enraged over a mother and son’s lack of social distancing.”

Man Without Mask Pulls Gun in Confrontation at Walmart
“Walmart is just one of the many businesses that’s requiring customers to wear masks in all of its U.S. stores. But the fight about masks isn’t over. Watch as a man without a mask pulled out a gun on another customer in a Walmart.

Italy: Bus Drivers Take Martial Arts Training to Better Enforce Coronavirus Rules
“Bus drivers in Rome, Italy are taking martial arts lessons so that they can better enforce new rules that have been implemented in the wake of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.”

OPP shoot man dead hours after mask dispute leads to alleged assault
“Ontario’s police watchdog is investigating after officers fatally shot a 73-year-old man in Haliburton County on Wednesday morning. The man had refused to wear a mask and allegedly assaulted a grocery store employee before driving away, Ontario Provincial Police say.“

‘Incomprehensible’: Confrontations over masks erupt amid COVID-19 crisis
“The heartbroken mother of 43-year-old Calvin Munerlyn, a father of eight killed at a Flint, Michigan Family Dollar store on Friday, had strong words for those defying laws to wear masks during the pandemic.”

Masks Become a Flash Point in the Virus Culture Wars
“The result has been dirty looks, angry words, raw emotions and, at times, confrontations that have escalated into violence.”

Three people charged in killing of Family Dollar security guard over mask policy
“A Family Dollar store security guard who was killed in Flint, Mich., on Friday was shot after telling a customer that her child had to wear a face mask to enter the store, the county prosecutor’s office said Monday.”

Front-line face-offs: Mask rule sparks threats, rebellion, shouting at store workers: ‘And we can’t do anything about it’
Employees of grocery stores, pharmacies and hardware stores aren’t just struggling to keep shelves stocked and Illinoisans supplied during the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve also had to deal with “a very large man” carrying a hunting knife through a DeKalb store, an “irate” man threatening to shoot a worker at a Romeoville store, and even a police officer making a “political protest” at a shop in Peoria — each of them bare-faced in rebellion against state requirements for shoppers to wear face coverings.”

California security guard charged with murder after shooting customer who didn’t wear a mask
A California security guard was charged with murder Wednesday after prosecutors say he shot a 50-year-old man at a supermarket because he was not wearing a mask.“

Face Mask Rules Lead To Violent Confrontations
“As more businesses begin to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, customers are being asked to wear face masks before entering stores and follow social distancing rules to slow the spread of the virus. This is causing some tensions to boil over, leading to violent altercations across the country.

Florida man threatened to shoot up supermarket because not enough people were wearing masks: police
“A 62-year-old Florida man was arrested this week, accused of threatening to shoot up a local Publix supermarket because there weren’t enough people there wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic.“

As students of prophecy we know that the planned-demic is nothing more than the Pope’s way of setting things up for when he uses climate change to enforce Sunday laws claiming if we refuse to keep Sunday holy everyone on earth will die in the increasing disasters. This is why the Pope met with every political leader and every CEO the last few years to make sure that when they pass Sunday laws wherein no one can buy or sell unless they keep Sunday holy. As prophesied long ago all the political leaders and all the CEO’s have already agreed to do as Rome demands. The fact every nation on earth is playing along in all this and the media has been pushing this fake pandemic 24/7,  confirms this hands down.

Now, if you read the articles I posted at the top of the blog wherein people are being persecuted and even killed for refusing to wear masks when we all know masks don’t work, how hard will it be for Satan to use the exact same types of people to persecute and even kill Christians who refuse to keep Sunday holy when we all know there is not a single Bible verse from Genesis to Revelation that says God ever changed the 7th day Sabbath to the 1st day of the week?

As I said in a previous video, what we’re seeing now is an echo of 66AD. And as soon as this fact finding mission they call Covid19 helps them cover every base needed to enforce the mark, just as they saw back in 70AD, the real Roman attack will begin against God’s people.

That all being said, are you ready for what’s about to happen in the coming months and years? If not, then you need to study the Word of God daily and pray like you have never prayed before. As John the Baptist said 2000 years ago in Matthew 3:3, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.”


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THINKING OUT LOUD:  “God speaks to those, who take time to read and study’s the Bible and He listens to those who take time to kneel in pray.” -PDH (Click here if you also want to Think Out Loud!)

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: Trump appointee alleges ‘rampant anti-Christian sentiment’ at USAID * Marines give in to ‘cancel culture,’ veto seminar by Christian man * NFL players can be fined for church attendance under league’s COVID-19 policy (Satan is obviously scared) * VIDEO: More than 40 million Americans at risk for eviction as relief programs and eviction bans expire (The powes that be planned this to bring on Socialism) * How Cops Can Secretly Track Your Phone (I made some videos on this) * Photos: ‘Devastated’ Beirut Emerges from the Ashes After Deadly Explosion * Disaster: ADP Says July Private Payrolls Climbed Just 167,000, Far Lower Than Expected * Lebanese Red Cross: Over 100 Dead, 4,000 Injured, Hundreds Missing in Beirut * VIDEO: Beirut explosion: Massive blast devastates city’s port area * VIDEO: Oprah Hosts White Guilt Session: ‘Whiteness Gives You an Advantage No Matter What’ (Reality Check: Oprah is a Black Billionaire) * VIDEO: Father, arrested for refusing to leave dying daughter’s hospital bedside, has heart attack * ‘You got 2 seconds before I shoot you’: Man shoots Burger King employee over wait (He died) * New Orleans officials brace for evictions and uptick in homeless with Federal Aid ending * VIDEO: Lebanon’s PM says those responsible for Beirut explosion will pay the price * VIDEO: Poland: Nationalists burn LGBT flag while marking 76th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising * Blood Red Water in Jasper Indiana Riverwalk * GET OUT OF THE CITIES! VIDEO: Democrats Refuse to Condemn Antifa in Senate Hearing * Portland reels under BLM-inspired crime wave * ‘Mafia tactics’: Immigrant restaurant owner accuses BLM of extortion * VIDEO: Burger King employee reportedly murdered after a woman complained about the drive-thru wait time * RACISM IN POLITICS: VIDEO: BBC Pushes ‘White Privilege’ Through Bitesize School Education Service * Stars, Golden Knights Players Kneel During American and Canadian National Anthems * VIDEO: ‘Unbelievable’ How Dems Refuse to Condemn Violent Protests * Police in major U.S. city warn public: Prepare to be robbed, obey criminals * RELIGION OF PEACE? Berlin Police: 210 Rapes from March to July, Half of Cases Involve Migrants * Muslim in France Films Himself Slaughtering Sheep in Bathtub for Eid * ROME’S HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA: VIDEO: Shocked church takes action when pastor goes public as trans * ROME’S WAR ON FREE SPEECH: China Bans Cell Phones in Granaries after Video Shows Moldy Corn * ‘Black Lives Matter’ is fine on street, but ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ gets you arrested * Lawmaker calls teaching history ‘miseducation’ and demands halt * Stunning number of Americans say news bias is ‘a major problem’ * Washington Post has yet to report Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ * Poll: Most Black Americans Want Police to Remain in Their Areas (But main SCREAM media won’t speak of it) * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S ADVANTAGE: Singapore Forces Tracking Devices on Those Entering Country * As PLANNEDdemic stretches on, retail bankruptcies approach highest number in a decade (US Socialism will happen) * CORONAVIRUS HYPE EXPOSED: Prison withholds medicine from COVID-19-infected former GOP congressman * CDC director warns high-school-age suicides and overdoses outpacing teen COVID deaths (Yet no nationwide school closure?) * Sweden’s top virus expert: ‘No point in wearing a face mask’ * Stanford expert: Stopping COVID-19 cases is ‘not the appropriate goal’ * VIDEO: Gun Shop Owner Wears ‘Communist News Network’ Shirt for CNN Interview! * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!


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SIGNS OF THE TIMES: VIDEO: UC doctrinal teaching assistant says he would ‘assassinate Jesus’ if he had a time machine*Police tell Christians they cannot believe in God * India Persecution: Bold Christian Refuses to Renounce Faith, Pays Ultimate Sacrifice*VIDEO: The US Government in actions – Nancy Pelosi Drunk on Camera * VIDEO: Portland Protesters Burn Bibles, American Flags in the Streets (Still think this is all about “black lives matter”?) * Democrats’ ‘War Game’ for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War * Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Arrested After Officer Finds ‘Mucus’ in Coffee * Leftist Media Ignores Court Docs Alleging Bill Clinton Visited Epstein Island * Schools accused of extorting parents to educate children * One-third of Americans admittedly rely on news sources they view as unreliable (This is why TRUTH evades so many people today) * 1.5m graves readied as Covid-19 sweeps through South Africa (The expected – Genocide) * Report: Feds have confiscated $2 billion from travelers * Scared for school: 4 in 5 parents may homeschool kids this fall * GET OUT OF THE CITIES! Portland July 2020 Shootings More than Double One Year Ago * 34 Shot, 9 Fatally, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago * School and Church Closings, Anti-Police Movement Blow up U.S. Homicide Rate * Police find van full of spike strips, stun guns, and improvised explosives at riot * Minneapolis police warn residents to ‘be prepared to give up’ phones and cash * VIDEO: Seattle’s city council moves to abolish its police department * RACISM IN POLITICS: VIDEO: WATCH: D.C. Police Arrest Two Students Chalking ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ in Front of Planned Parenthood * Corporate Media Completely Ignored Story of Mother Killed by Black Lives Matter Supporters * Taxpayers Paid £1.5m to Police London Black Lives Matter and Counter Protests in One Weekend: Report * Melbourne, Australia Imposes Curfew, Wedding Ban, Business Shutdown Amid Virus Surge * Alveda King: Obama took nation back to segregated ’60s * Apparently, some black lives really don’t matter * Black Lives Matter narrative gets destroyed in less than 40 minutes * NCAA will let athletes wear social justice messages on uniform patches * A California couple were arrested on hate-crime charges after they yelled ‘white power’ during an episode of road rage, police say * AMA INSANITY: Big Pharma Rakes in Billions from U.S. Taxpayers for Coronavirus Vaccine * ROME’S CASHLESS SOCIETY: Bakery worker sacked after 44 years for allowing elderly customers without cards to pay in cash * ROME’S HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA: ‘Mob rule’ campaign cancels Christian group’s bank accounts, social media * EU defunds Polish cities that declared themselves ‘free of LGBT ideology’ * ROME’S UFO AGENDA: No longer in the shadows, Pentagon’s UFO unit will make some findings public (Perfect Timing? – see this video) * ROME’S WAR ON FREE SPEECH: VIDEO: WATCH: D.C. Police Arrest Two Students Chalking ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ in Front of Planned Parenthood * Pollak: Big Tech Censorship is the IRS Scandal of 2020 * Election Interference: McCarthy Warns Google Using ‘Tremendous Amount of Power’ to ‘Influence What People Think or See’ * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S ADVANTAGE: Coronavirus: Agreement outlines Purdue, county’s duties for contact tracing, reporting as campus reopens * CORONAVIRUS HYPE EXPOSED: VIDEO: BUSTED: Jim Jordan provoking Fauci with the truth * Netherlands will not ask citizens to wear masks – masks don’t work * VIDEO: Dr Offers $5000 For Proof That The Cv19 Exists * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!

THINKING OUT LOUD:  “You have mentioned that covid-19 is our 66 a.d. and it happens to be 66 years since the passage of the Johnson’s amendment. Coincidence? I think not.” -DCD (Click here if you also want to Think Out Loud!)

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: China: Police shutter house churches nationwide, order Christians to stop believing in God * Call to Arms: Austrian Gun Exports to Brazil up over 377% * Scottish Christians Warn Hate Crime Bill Could Criminalize the Bible * ‘Constitutional Crisis’: Hong Kong Postpones Elections for One Year * FBI ‘Completely Ignored’ Epstein’s Victims’ Requests for Help * VIDEO: Watch: Local TV News Experiment Exposes Flaws of Vote-by-Mail * Man Allegedly Opens Fire After Mother, Son Refuse to Social Distance (Christians will be killed when this changes from Covid19 to Sunday Laws) * Court testimony puts Bill Clinton on Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’ * Christian youth inspired to share faith, combat fears * Democrat bill would force Americans to pay for killing babies in abortions in other countries * Man fires gun in Miami hotel because people weren’t social distancing * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Michigan man refused service for not wearing mask stabs customer, is fatally shot by deputy * No mask, No service: Can businesses legally require customers to wear masks? (In other words, you cannot buy and sell without the mask!) * GET OUT OF THE CITIES! Riots Continue: Portland Protesters Light Severed Pig Head with Police Hat Ablaze * RACISM IN POLITICS: VIDEO: NFL will play black national anthem prior to Week 1 games, report says * Suburban Chicago High School Promotes Black Lives Matter, Embraces ‘Race and Diversity’ Education * Google Adds Badge for Black-Owned Businesses in Searches and Maps * WATCH: Every Player and Coach Takes a Knee During National Anthem Before NBA Restart * Smithsonian takes action on alarming ‘signs of whiteness’! * Activists demand major university pay reparations * RELIGION OF PEACE? Sweden: Somali Taxi Driver Arrested for Running Several People Over Has History of Criminality * American Shot Dead in Pakistan Courtroom for ‘Blasphemy’ * ROME’S SOCIALIST AGENDA: Karen Bass’s Long March from Communist Fringe to Biden’s VP Shortlist * ROME’S WAR ON FREE SPEECH: VIDEO: Sarah Sanders says Big Tech needs to ‘stop playing God’ with free speech * Twitter Censors Tim Tebow’s Religious Tweet, Calls it an ‘Error’ * Breitbart News Appeals Twitter Account Suspension, ‘Review’ Drags Out Beyond 48 Hours * Rush Limbaugh: Google ‘Essentially Trying to Erase Breitbart’ * NJ Teen Says TikTok Censored Post Condemning China’s Concentration Camps * Dem publisher won’t post notice of pro-life event * ‘I was stabbed for being a conservative journalist’ * Big Tech censors debate on hydroxychloroquine * Breitbart Still Suspended From Twitter After Viral HCQ Video; Doctor Gets Axe Over Involvement * Israel outraged after Twitter OKs Iranian calls to annihilate Jewish state * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S ADVANTAGE: Italy: Bus Drivers Take Martial Arts Training to Better Enforce Coronavirus Rules * CORONAVIRUS HYPE EXPOSED: The funeral for civil rights icon John Lewis is yet another example of how our hideous elites have turned the rest of us into second class citizens * Ohio Board of Pharmacy Reverses Rule, Okays Hydroxychloroquine After Governor’s Request (IOW: No vaccine needed) * 60% of Workers with COVID Refuse to Cooperate with Contact Tracing in Los Angeles * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!


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