If you’re a student of prophecy you know exactly what time it is. But as a student, we also know that most people have no idea what time it is due to the many false prophets Jesus spoke of for our day that stand on all but a few pulpits today. In fact, their off the chart blindness was prophesied. (See Matthew 24:381 Thessalonians 5:2 & 2 Peter 3:10) And so we have much work to do.

In this blog post I hope to quickly outline what was prophesied in Scripture that even the scoffer knows has come to pass. (See 2 Peter 3:3-4) There are many other events that were prophesied, but unless the person studies the Bible, all the studies in the world would not offer enough evidence to explain how all these prophecies have been fulfilled to the letter as most cannot see any of this without a blessed and obedient heart. Most will just think we’re making it all up regardless of the fact we have ancient Biblical prophecies matched to historic record as rock hard proof. But, if you are one that seeks a quick outline of all the Scriptures matched to verified historic records of well over a dozen final prophecies that are quite shocking to say the least, read my book “People Get Ready” when you get time.

 In just the last few decades alone we have seen many prophetic fulfillments. And just as it was prophesied; God’s people would be killed by the Church and State Vatican during what Jesus called a Great Tribulation that Daniel said would occur between the exact years of 538AD to 1798AD, we now see this happening again as prophesied wherein Christians are right now being persecuted, hated and even killed all over the world as we speak.

We have also seen more wars and rumors of war than any other generation since time began. (See Matthew 24:6,7) It was also prophesied that all of the people that have no understanding of Christian truth, which is the grand majority on earth, all are to be very fearful right before the Lord returns and thanks to what we now with the bought and paid for riots, the fabricated pandemic and even the plans for civil war which was also prophesied, we see this to be an undeniable fact today. (See Luke 21:25,26)

It was also prophesied that knowledge would be increased in both the understanding Scripture as well as many new inventions. Even our children see this as the norm; not to mention those of us that are grandparents who have seen technology grow in leaps and bounds the last 50 years alone. (See Daniel 12:4)

It was also prophesied that scoffers would abound in great numbers right before the end and so look around; do we not see all sorts of atheistic people in all walks of life laughing at the warnings that the world is soon to end? Yes, that too is the norm now. (See 2 Peter 3:3 & 2 Timothy 4:3,4)

It was also prophesied that a craze of immorality and lusts of the flesh would be normalized right before Jesus returns and now we see all sorts of billboards and commercials using sex to sell everything from cars to candy bars; not to mention billions of people living in sin so as to fulfill their lustful cravings of the flesh. (See 2 Timothy 3:1-5)

It was also prophesied that there would be no regard for law and order to the point violence in the cities would be widespread as we get closer to the end and thanks to the riots and crime rate growing off the chart as we speak, not even a scoffer can deny this as a prophesied fact today. (See Ezekiel 7:23Matthew 24:12 & 2 Timothy 3:13)

And for those people who are under 40 years of age, you may think all the earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, famines and pestilence are normal because you have seen this all your life. But think again. It was not always this way. It was prophesied that in the final generation these things would increase in great numbers. (See Luke 21:11)

It was also prophesied that the birds, insects, fish and animals would be dying in biblical numbers all over the world; and so this too is the case for at least the last 10 years alone. (See Hosea 4:1-3) We are that close now!

It was also prophesied that many people would embrace the occult and every faction of it from what some consider simple and innocent dabbling in witchcraft to actual devil worship. And thanks the Pope declaring Harry Potter to be a Christlike figure, billions now see no sin in reading such books or watching those demon inspired movies. (See Matthew 24:11, 241 Timothy 4:1 & Revelation 16:14)

And for the serious student of prophecy, we know all about the final prophecies regarding how the Pope will use climate change to enforce the mark and then shortly thereafter demand a one world government. I actually have 16 videos alone outlining the climate change agenda and then another 3 videos and a huge page on the website exposing their plans for a one world government. The Pope is in fact moving ahead on all this without even trying to hide it anymore.

And have you heard? We now have a massive doomsday clock in New York City echoing the Pope’s demand almost immediately after he said he wanted climate change enforcement as a done deal by 2027! They are burning this agenda into the minds of billions the world over. I have a massive page online chock full of videos, articles and prophetic outlines proving this has been going on for many years.

As students of prophecy, we know climate change is how they will prevent buying and selling for those that refuse to keep Sunday holy to stop climate change. In fact, check out what the Pope is doing right now on this.  When those that refuse to bow to his demand to break God’s law so as to keep the Pope’s false Sabbath, it is then they will seek a death penalty using a one world government of which the Pope wants to be a reality by 2030!

For the obedient Christian who studies the Word of God, we know that one world government comes during the last two weeks of plague number 6, of which I and a few brothers in the faith outlined in great detail on my “One Hour with the Beast” page not too long ago so as to expose the wolves who are right now taking all sorts of bible verses way out of context as well as literally making things up that are simply nowhere to be found in the Word of God. Yes, we are that close where actual false prophets and ravenous wolves on pulpits are doing all they can to prevent God’s people from being ready for what’s already begun.

And so, that all being said. If you’re not studying your Bible every day, or if you have yet to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour who promised to save you from the wrath of God and damnation, see this page on my site as soon as you possibly can.

Look around and you will see that this pandemic which has been proven to be a lie by literally tens of thousands of reputable articles, scientists and doctors the world over;  some of which were censored on YouTube for proving the pandemic was a global scam; all that we see happening is in fact nothing more than political theater and the long expected mind control agenda of Satan so as to cause billions to embrace and obey the Pope and his many cohorts in power all over the planet.

Take the mask for a prime example. It has been confirmed to be useless. Yet billions are wearing them. Why? It’s because they have been conditioned via many strange laws and government schooling as children and later as young adults to bow to the powers that be out of sheer fear of not doing so because as we also know, some have been arrested and even killed for refusing to wear the mask. The mask is nothing more than a weapon designed to make people obey whatever the powers that be command even when they know it’s all a lie. They obey so as to keep themselves hassle free. That is exactly how the mark is to be enforced!

The mark of the beast is a religious law. In fact, look in your Bibles and you will see that every time the mark is mentioned the word worship is right there with it. Billions of people will know that the mark, which we know will be Sunday laws wherein they will claim keeping Sunday holy will not only please God who will then stop the calamities; and for those that don’t believe in God, they will believe keeping Sunday holy will lower pollution to stop what they call climate change from happening, even though what’s happening in nature has nothing to do with climate change at all and everything to do with the return of Christ. All those prophecies I shared earlier as well as many more that are too in depth for the unbeliever to understand, all confirm this hands down.

And so, since most people in all the nations of the world have already agreed to wear a mask even though they know it doesn’t work, and those that refuse will be persecuted and in some cities like NYC, if you refuse they will fine you $1000.00 to force you to obey; and as I stated a moment ago, some will be killed. Whatever works is what they will use! They know the people have literally been conditioned to obey and so they just need to push the button of fear to assure compliance.

Truth is, most will obey due to decades of strange laws and government teachers who have moved them to get used to doing as the government commands. And so these very same people will agree with the Pope and his dying god that they must not work on Sunday. Out of sheer blind obedience they will obey for you can rest assured, the government will in fact enforce this long expected religious law exactly as prophesied! And yes, this is why talk of religious laws have been all over the media for years now.

When these people obey the Pope over and above the Creator who never stated from Genesis to Revelation that He changed the Sabbath to a different day of the week; in fact, his prophet Daniel did prophesy that the beast in Rome will think to change the Sabbath to Sunday. Better yet, this very same beast has even admitted doing so without a single Bible verse to back it up in writing! This was all done so Satan can force billions to worship him instead of the Creator Jesus Christ while at the same time move all of them that obey him to move with hatred against the obedient Christians who will not obey Satan and his man of sin in Rome. This is why we see so many violent sports, movies and even music the last few decades. Satan is indoctrinating and then recruiting his troops for Armageddon!

As prophesied, all those that obey the Pope will soon be sealed by the angel as those that have received the mark of the beast. The fake pandemic was purposely designed by Satan who by the way we now have actual proof he does in fact control the Pope, he will cultivate fear worldwide while at the same time move people to trust the government that not too long ago nearly everyone knew were untrustworthy.

The mask is nothing more than a means to an end. As we already see, the masks cultivate and then enforce and even normalize obedience so that when the Pope demands Sunday laws in the USA first and then all the world, literally billions will trust him and their government leaders exactly as prophesied. In other words, just as the mask has no scientific evidence to prove it works, the Sunday Sabbath has not a single Bible verse to back it up either. And so they must get the masses used to doing things they know to be a lie.

In fact, as a boast against the God of the Bible, the Pope has admitted in writing that his Sunday Sabbath is not found anywhere in the Bible. As prophesied the Popes of Rome have already gotten billions to follow after them. Or as Revelation 13: 3 puts it, “…all the world wondered after the beast.” And so this is why we now see them mixing the climate change agenda with the Vatican’s invented Sabbath on sites like the Green Sabbath Project.

The Bible says to remember the Sabbath day. (See Exodus 20:8-11) But as prophesied the beast says no, remember my Sabbath. (See Daniel 7:25) The Sabbath of the Bible acknowledges the Creator who rested on the first Sabbath. It reminds us of all what He did for us in creation week. And when we keep His Sabbath holy we are obeying and worshipping Him and not the Popes in Rome.

When speaking of the people of today, Romans 1:25 literally says they “…worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator.” And so they will.

Satan wants to be worshiped as a god so as to steal souls from the Lord; he will cause the powers that he controls to pass laws that prevent buying and selling and then laws to actually kill Christians so as to force nearly all of mankind to worship him (the creature) instead the Lord who is the Creator.

And since most obey and wear the mask based on bad science anyway and the powers that be know it, these very same people will obey and keep Sunday holy based on twisted and made up Scripture so Satan can fill his charred trophy case with billions of people.

Christians and nonChristians alike will be marked by Satan exactly as prophesied because they don’t study their Bibles and the wolves they trust as pastors cannot see these prophetic facts for the only way to understand prophecy is to obey the God that wrote it!

And if you don’t think they have been planning a Sunday law for centuries and especially the last few decades, see the thousands of articles on this page when you get time. And for those that don’t think they will use climate change to do all this, check this out and when you’re done reading that, see this. Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!

The fake pandemic is only a means to an end. They need to make sure all that’s needed to track every human on earth for when they enforce the mark is set in place, and the pandemic did just that so that when the time is right they can change how they use the means to enforce Covid 19 to enforcing Sunday laws with the flick of a switch.

And one last thing regarding how close to the end we really are. For those that know about the Orion Nebula and it’s connection with prophecy; have you looked into the cloud that has been seen coming out of the Orion Nebula recently? If not, see this page wherein I am logging whatever I can find regarding this cloud that is literally coming out of that nebula.

Absolutely every prophecy that has ever been uttered in the Word of God about Antichrist as well as the soon return of the true and most powerful and loving Jesus Christ, has been fulfilled to the letter; and the ones that are yet to be fulfilled, they already have their foundations set in stone to where absolutely nothing can stop their long expected fulfillment in the coming months and final few years. Even the scoffer will soon realize the Christians were absolutely correct. And we have God’s Word on that! (See Amos 8:11,12)


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