The Vatican just announced the following from their very own Catholic News Service.

Vatican Academy for Life: Covid-19 vaccines present ‘no ethical problem’

“The Vatican has reaffirmed its support of COVID-19 vaccines with both the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life and a Holy See communique reiterating Pope Francis’ insistence that getting inoculated is “an act of love.” …”The church has established that “there is no ethical problem” for the recipient [of the vaccine] and no cooperation with evil because of the “remoteness” of the original abortions.” –Source

In other words, since the cells of the babies inside every so-called vaccine were murdered decades ago, then it’s no longer a problem to use the dead babies in the so-called vaccines. In fact, doing so is an “act of love.” Then common sense dictates that it’s no longer an ethical issue that Roman Catholic emperor Adolph Hitler helped the Pope kill millions of Christians and Jews because it too happened decades ago. In fact, since it happened so long ago, one would think the Vatican should canonize him as a saint. After all, it’s not like the Vatican hasn’t canonized genocidal monsters before.