“In a video message on Thursday, Pope Francis encouraged Christians to stay committed to making the world a more just and peaceful place, as his predecessor Pius XII urged 70 years ago… Pope Francis thanked the members of the Movement for a Better World for their work. “Above all, I encourage you to work for justice, for children and the elderly, and for peace. This is a better world, which we want to be a world of peace,” he said.” – Source

As reported on my last blog, the “peace and safety” talks is one of the major signs that our Lord Jesus is coming soon. In 2020, the pope adopted the slogan of current US leadership “build back better” to describe his vision for the great reset when the pope says…

“May our common desire to “build back better” give rise to new forms of cooperation between both civil and ecclesial groups and thus build a solid “house” ready to withstand every storm and capable of welcoming people with disabilities, because built on the rock of inclusion and active participation.” – Rome, Saint John Lateran, 3 December 2020

The rise of “new forms of cooperation between both civil and ecclesial groups” has been prophesied to persecute those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus (Revelation 12:17;14:12).

Meanwhile, for Pope Pius XII, or “Hitler’s pope” as he’s known, calling for peace and a better world was far away from his doctrine and ministry. His “better world” was actually “the sanctifying of SUNday” or in other words, SUNday holiness.

“On September 7, 1947, Pope Pius XII declared that “the time for reflection and planning is past in religious and moral fields and the time for action has arrived.” He said “the battle in religious and moral fields hinged on five points: Religious culture, the sanctifying of Sunday, the saving of the Christian family, social justice, and loyalty and truthfulness in dealings” –Evening Star (Washington D.C.), Sept. 8, 1947.

The VATican needs to look holy outwardly because they claimed to be the world’s “global moral authority” so that when the prophesied calamities get worst then it’s invented climate change lockdowns come and enforcing SUNday holy is the the only way to stop it!

Are you ready? Are you sure?

Pope Pius XII Statements contrary to the Bible: The pope is termed father, shepherd, mediators between God and man, religious allegiance of the membership is to the Church, and people must submit to the teachings of the Church leaders.

“Today, give heed to a rousing call from the lips of your Father and Shepherd, from Us who cannot remain mute and inert before a world which is unconsciously walking paths which sweep on to ruin both souls and bodies, the good and the wicked, civilization and peoples.” (Pope Pius XII, Radio Message Dal Nostro Cuore, Feb. 10, 1952; translated as “To the Faithful of Rome”The Catholic Mind, vol. 50, n. 1074 [June 1952], pp. 380-384.

“…this power of jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiff, which is truly episcopal, is immediate….once the unity of communion and the profession of the same Faith has been preserved with the Roman Pontiff, there is one flock of the Church of Christ under one supreme shepherd.” (Pope Pius XII, Ad Apostolorum Principis (On Communism And The Church In China), Encyclical Promulgated on June 29, 1958, #46

“Only to the apostles, and thenceforth to those on whom their successors have imposed hands, is granted the power of the priesthood, in virtue of which they represent the person of Jesus Christ before their people, acting at the same time as representatives of their people before God….

The priest is the same, Jesus Christ, whose sacred Person His minister represents. Now the minister, by reason of the sacerdotal consecration which he has received, is made like to the High Priest and possesses the power of performing actions in virtue of Christ’s very person….

“The people, on the other hand, since they in no sense represent the divine Redeemer and are not mediator between themselves and God, can in no way possess the sacerdotal power.”

(Pope Pius XII, in Mediator Dei (on the Sacred Liturgy), Encyclical promulgated on November 20, 1947, #40, 69 & 84. 

“There seems ground for fear that in the near future still greater hardships will befall those who refuse to betray their sacred religious allegiance [to the Catholic Church]. For that reason we even now exhort you in the Lord, beloved sons, to be terrified by no menaces or injuries, to be moved by no danger of exile or risk even of life ever to abjure your faith and your fidelity to Mother Church.” (Pope Pius XII, in Orientales Omnes Ecclesias, Encyclical promulgated on December 23, 1945, #62.

“Still another recommendation, we feel, is in place here: that, in undertaking and advancing in the spiritual life, you do not trust too much to yourselves, but with docile simplicity seek and accept the help of someone [the Catholic priest] who, with wise moderation, can guide your soul, point out to you the dangers, suggest suitable remedies, and in every internal and external difficulty can guide you in the right way towards an ever greater perfection, according to the example of the saints and the teachings of Christian asceticism. Without these prudent guides for one’s conscience, it is often very difficult to be duly responsive to the impulses of the Holy Spirit and of the grace of God.” (Pope Pius XII, in Menti Nostrae (On the Development of Holiness in Priestly Life), Encyclical promulgated on September 23, 1960, #63