Alert! Pope Seeks Religious Voice to Enforce MARK using Climate Change

How close are we to the enforcement of the mark of the beast? For those that study prophecy and know what the mark is all about, check this out.

“The pope and cardinals focused particularly on preparing for the COP27 United Nations Climate Change conference to be held in Egypt in November 2022. “Can we, as a Church, along with other denominations and religions, give a voice to these concerns?” was the question put forward for discussion. …Humanity will be judged by God if it fails to effectively deal with the climate crisis, Francis cautioned. There is “no alternative” to battling climate change, he stated.” –Source

He of course went on to push his spreading the wealth campaign in the rest of the article, but all of this is happening exactly as prophesied. The Pope, who is the prophesied man of sin, will use religious laws to try and stop what he calls “climate change” and the Bible calls the final signs of Christ’s return. Proof? See this stack of videos, article and pics when you get time. Christian prophecy is THAT ACCURATE!

Blog Source: Prophecy In The News

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